Best Remote Work Software Tools

15 Best Remote Work Software Tools in 2023

April 30, 2021

Remote working was adopted widely by companies all over the world more than a year ago due to the pandemic situation. Even though it was a forced decision, many companies and employees alike are reaping the benefits of remote working. Technological progress has allowed us to work together on the same team without being physically together. 58.25% of companies over the world plan to blend remote work and office work into their plans. And only 15.5% of companies intend to return to full office work. Some companies have even ditched their offices and switched completely to remote working.

Remote working comes with benefits such as setting your own schedule, working from the comforts of your home, escape from the daily commute, and overall reduced stress. But it also has its share of challenges. Remote workers face difficulties with communication, teammate interaction, and clarity.

Using the right set of remote working sofware tools can help your team save time and boost their productivity. All the difficulties mentioned above can be overcome by using the right tools. To enhance your remote working experience, here we have listed the 15 best remote work time tracking software tools in 2023. These tools will make it easier to manage remote employees and make communication and collaboration effortless. So let’s have a look.

#1. Desklog

advantages of employee productivity Software

Employees working remotely require a tool that can help track work hours and productivity. Desklog is an employee time and productivity tracking software with advanced features such as app/URL tracking, automatic screenshots, attendance management, and much more. It is optimized for remote teams to make the most out of their time, and maintain productivity. Desklog’s lightweight and easy-to-use apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux simplifies the whole tracking process. It also provides various productivity reports and even records the work done even when there is no internet. Desklog being an all-in-one remote employee time and productivity tracking software is a must-have for remote working teams.


  • App/URL tracking
  • Idle Time tracking
  • Offline Time Tracking
  • Automatic screenshots
  • Productivity Report
  • Document title tracking
  • Reports
  • Attendance Management
  • Absence Calendar
  • Unlimited Data history
  • Offline Time Request
  • Unlimited Teams
  • Remote installation
  • Premium Support
  • Desklog Free Time Tracking Trial

    2. Slack

    advantages of employee productivity Software

    Communication is a major challenge faced by remote workers. It is not like being in the office where you can just turn around and talk directly with your teammates. Slack is one of the most popular and useful communication tools used by remote teams. It lets you hold real-time discussions with your team, organize channels for various purposes, share files, voice and video calls, and much more. Slack is widely used by companies all over the world.


    • Channels
    • Direct messaging
    • Audio and video calls
    • Message search
    • File sharing

    3.Google Drive

    advantages of employee productivity Software

    Companies have been storing files on the cloud long before the pandemic. Google Drive is a cloud s torage platform that stores all your work files in one safe and centralized location. Remote workers can create and edit docs, spreadsheets, and slides. You can also see the edits made by team members in real-time. Google Drive can be synced across multiple devices.


    • Cloud file storage and sharing
    • Document processing
    • Spreadsheets
    • Presentations

    4. Dropbox

    Dropbox is another cloud storage service similar to Google drive. It is a modern workspace that provides multiple features for remote work. Remote workers can effortlessly sync, send/receive and collaborate on different types of files. This cloud storage system possesses an API that makes it helpful for remote contributors. It enables the sharing of large files in PowerPoint, Photoshop, and sketch format with colleagues.

    • Features
    • Cloud storage
    • File sharing
    • Productivity tools
    • Content collaboration

    5. Todoist

    advantages of employee productivity Software

    Todoist puts all your to-dos in a single place, so you can organize your work hours adequately and ensure that you don’t overlook something crucial in remote working. . When a new task comes up, you can just add a to-do note and get back to your original task. You can create to-dos and reminders instantly by using Todoist’s quick add feature. It also allows you to create sub-tasks.


    • Task management
    • Task dependencies
    • Recurring tasks
    • Kanban boards

    6. Nextiva

    advantages of employee productivity Software

    Nextiva is a cloud phone system that enables teams to interact with clients and co-workers irrespective of where they are. The software provides a variety of features such as mobile app, call forwarding, call groups, website live chat, and more to connect with remote workers. . Nextiva is optimized to provide your team the capability to connect with people from their work phone, smartphone, laptop, or tab. Nextiva has been rated the most reliable overall business phone service by the World Report and U.S. News.


    • Unlimited Calling
    • Unlimited Business Text Messaging
    • Unlimited Online Faxing
    • Unlimited Web Conferencing
    • Team Chat

    7. Zoom

    Zoom is a video calling app with high-quality video and audio. It is effortless to use, most affordable, and available on Android, iOS, Mac, and windows. Meetings & Video Conferences can be recorded as full-length videos. Your screen can be shared with teams for group discussions. There are also other services from zoom for remote workers such as webinars, meetings, Zoom room, business IM, and voice sharing.


    • Virtual Background
    • Calendar Integration
    • Waiting Room
    • Multi-Share
    • Personal Meeting Room

    8. 10to8

    10to8 is a scheduling tool for making appointments. 10to8 lets remote teams manage virtual team meetings and online appointments with customers. Its native Zoom integration allows users to hop on video calls directly from their calendars. 10to8 manages teams spread over various time zones and its calendar sync with most calendar apps assures that double-bookings do not occur. Its automatic prompts will assist the remote team to maintain track of meetings and attend on time, eliminating time wastage and confusion.


    • 24/7 Appointment Booking
    • Live 2-Way Calendar Sync
    • SMS and email reminders
    • Over 1,500 App Integrations

    9. Evernote

    Evernote is an app created for taking notes, organizing, managing tasks, and archiving. The app enables users to make notes, which can be in text format, drawings, photos, audio or saved web content. Evernote is a comprehensive note-taking option for teams working remotely. When you are working remotely you can have all your notes arranged neatly, and sync them seamlessly over all your devices.


    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    • Cloud Management
    • Multi-Platform Support
    • Tagging and Organization

    10. Pukkateam

    PukkaTeam is a tool that can be used to get remote teams closer mutually. It enables you to see your remote coworkers’ faces during the day by capturing photos of them automatically. This allows you to know which teammates are presently at their desks and available for discussions. PukkaTeam is integrated with Skype and supports single-click video calls. Status updates are also there to let team members know what you are currently working on. PukkaTeam can work directly from your browser. You need not download an additional app.


    • Availability notifications
    • Custom statuses
    • Video calls

    11. Hellosign

    advantages of employee productivity Software

    HelloSign is a solution that allows you to send and receive eSignatures. You can ask for eSignatures from up to 20 people and have a copy of the signed doc mailed to everyone’s inbox. HelloSign supports custom branding, so you can ensure that all docs and contracts match with your brand’s look. Templates are also available.Secured method for remote workers to share their signature. You can set up HelloSign to notify you when anyone reviews or signs a doc. People can also sign documents using mobile devices.


    • Document templates
    • Custom branding
    • Status notifications
    • Audit trails

    12. Xero

    advantages of employee productivity Software

    Xero enables you to monitor and settle bills with one click. You can utilize it to claim expenses, approve and refund claims, and observe spendings.There’s also a choice of linking the app to your bank account and conducting transactions automatically. You can then classify and arrange bank transactions manually, or set up to have Xero do it. Xero supports the creation of invoices. You can also utilize it to produce multiple reports to interpret your business’s economic performance.


    • Bank reconciliation
    • Expense claims
    • Online payments
    • Payroll management

    13. Forest

    advantages of employee productivity Software

    It can be alluring to scroll through your social media when you’re working remotely. Forest app assists you diminish distractions by rewarding you for staying off your smartphone. Here you set a timer for the duration you want to work without distractions, and the app counts down that time for you. While the app is running, there will be an animation of a tree. And that tree will grow for as long as you don’t unlock your phone. If your phone is unlocked before the timer hits zero, the tree dies. Forest rewards users with virtual coins. These coins can be used to donate actual money to organizations that plant trees around the world. So, apart from helping you avoid distractions, Forest also allows you to save the environment.


    • App whitelist
    • Phone usage and screen time tracking
    • Task categorization

    14. Krisp

    Krisp mutes background noise throughout calls. It makes use of AI technology to separate any sound that isn’t your voice during a call.Disturbances are common when working from home and it’s important to clear noises when taking calls when you work remotely, No external hardware requirements are there to use the app. Once Krisp is installed, it can be used with any type of headphones or mic.


    • AI-powered noise cancellation
    • Echo removal

    15. Officevibe

    advantages of employee productivity Software

    It is important to ensure that everyone in your remote team is satisfied. When you’re working remotely, you can miss out on some of the signs that your employees are unhappy. Officevibe enables you to check in on your remote team automatically. It is an employee engagement tool that collects data about your team by carrying out brief surveys. These surveys assist you to understand your team members and get more useful insights into how they’re doing.


    • Pulse surveys
    • Survey reports
    • 1-on-1 meetings
    • Anonymous feedback

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    Here we have listed out the 15 best remote work software tools in 2023. With the proper implementation of all these remote work tools, remote workers will more likely stay productive and you can assure employee satisfaction.

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