App, Document &
URL Tracking

Keep tabs on the Apps, Documents, and URLs used by your employees during working hours with Desklog. The productive or non-productive working hours of employees can be tracked by monitoring internet usage on the preferred apps related to the task assigned.

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App Tracking With DesklogWith the use of Desklog, track the app used by your team members to know the real-time spent by the them. View the apps and analyze the real-time efficiency and enhance the overall productivity of the project.

How Does App Tracking Work With Desklog

Desklog allows you to track all the activities performed by the resources to analyze and categorize them based on two different factors like productive or unproductive. The productive or unproductive working hours can be tracked by monitoring internet usage on the preferred apps related to the task assigned to the resources. This type of app tracking ensures the effective utilization of resources to accomplish successful project deliverables.

Categorize Productive Vs Non-Productive Apps

The admin of the Desklog will be able to categorize apps into productive, non-productive, neutral. Three different colors can be configured for three types of apps. For example, green indicates productive apps, red indicates non-productive apps, grey indicates neutral apps. The productive app may differ for each team. Social media platforms may be productive for the marketing team but may not be productive for the development team. Based on the team activity, configure the three types of app with three different colors.

Enhances Real-Time Productivity

It is proven that the team members become more disciplined and active when they are being tracked during their work activities. It results in a sudden rise in productivity. The app tracking feature of Desklog enhances the real-time productivity of the organization.

Monitor Mouse Clicks/Movements

Desklog monitors the mouse clicks or movements to trace the real-time spent by each individual on the productive apps or non-productive apps. If the assigned task is in progress status and there is no mouse click or mouse movement for more than 5 minutes, then automatically Desklog goes idle and stops counting the productivity time of the employee.

Monitor The Resources With App Tracking Feature Of Desklog


Desklog with its automated app tracking feature starts counting the productive or non-productive time once the computer is switched on by the employees.


The productivity count will be started only after changing the task status as ” In-progress” and only while using productive apps.


Only the admin of the Desklog will be able to configure the productive, non-productive, neutral app depending upon the team activity.


When the productive apps are used by the team members, it shows green status for the team member when he or she is being monitored by the manager or superior. The red status shows that the team member is using a non-productive app. Similarly, for grey, it indicates a neutral app.


The superior will also be able to view the real-time spent on productive, non-productive, and neutral apps. Internet usage in each category can be identified