App, Document & URL Tracking

Keep tabs on the Apps, Documents, and URLs used by your employees during working hours with Desklog. The productive or non-productive working hours of employees can be tracked by monitoring internet usage on the preferred apps related to the task assigned.

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Keep track of which websites and applications your employees are using.
Ensure that your employees are staying productive during work hours
Monitor how much time is being spent on certain websites.
Protect your business from potential security breaches.

Application tracking system

Maintain the productivity of your workers with our Application Tracking System. This system will allow you to track every application/software used by employees, so you can be sure that no unauthorized programs are being used.

Comprehensive Reports

They are worried about how your employees are spending time on their computers? Our application tracking system will monitor how long they use each app, so you can get a better idea of where they spend their time.

Track App Usage Duration

Detailed reports that outline which applications are used for how long and whether it is productive, non-productive, or neutral, and the percentage of usage. Comprehensive analysis reveals productivity problems that may be immediately corrected.

URL Tracker

Keep your employees productive by tracking their internet usage. With our URL Tracker, you can easily see where your employees are spending their time and identify which websites are being used most often.

URL Analytics Reports

URL analytics reports let you see which sites are being visited and how often, so you can make sure no inappropriate content is being accessed. URL Reports are generated along with app tracking reports.

Document Title Tracking

Keep track of your employees’ app and document usage with Desklog’s App & Document Title Tracking feature. Know the title/name of which apps and documents they’re using and for that time, to help improve your team’s productivity.

Advantages of Tracking Apps & URLs

  • Keep track of the apps and URLs used by your employees
  • Categorize apps and URLs into productive and non-productive
  • Identify how your employees are spending their time
  • Get detailed analytics about internet usage of workers
  • Improve the productivity of your team