Automated Time Tracking Software For Architects

Get started with the automated time tracking solution and have eye-opening insights to keep track of architect projects seamlessly.

Deep-Dyed View On Time Spent At All Milestones

Have a complete view of the time spent at each architect project milestone and keep the resources on track to deliver the entire project successfully. Sync the productive time spent at work with the billable hours and plan the project budget efficiently.

Get Connected With Accurate Time Sheets For Budgeting

Stay ahead with your architect projects by utilizing accurate timesheets to record working time. Receive automated reports and track the time spent on different activities of the day like a meeting, conference call, time spent at a construction site, etc. Thus never miss the project deadline.

Auto-Invoicing For Effective Project Budget Management

Estimate the future cost, automate your bills and keep track of how much resources are accountable, billable for any specific project management. Bill your clients per hour or per square meter of the construction site automatically for effective project budget management.

With auto invoicing and time tracking calculate the overtime cost and plan budget distribution on each project milestone. Analyze the income and project cost to enhance profitability with effective architect project budget management.

Integrate With Any Architect Project Management Software

Integrate With Any Architect Project Management Software

Easily integrate with any third-party tool like architect project management software and track the productive time spent on all architect projects seamlessly.

Automatic Attendance & Payroll Management

Automatic Attendance & Payroll Management

Track employee attendance with automated login/logout time data and pay the architect or the engineers on time with an automated payroll system. Keep your employees and clients on track and bill accurately with an integrated payroll system.


Automate & Streamline The Project Workflow

Get started with the following steps to enhance the workflow of the architect projects.

  • Invite the required architects.
  • Assign and schedule the architect projects.
  • Automate invoicing, payroll with accurate timesheet management
  • Get automated reports and plan project budget efficiently.

Well Plan, Organize & Enhance Architect Project Revenue!

Get insight on how efficiently employees work on assigned and scheduled projects. Plan and organize the project milestones as per the priority. Achieve the project deliverables within a short time, effort, and thus enhance your architect project revenue.