Automated Timesheet


Timesheet is a document to track how much time is spent by a person on a particular task or set of tasks over a predetermined period of time. It enables recording the time spent on tasks and projects. Organizations can reduce the time required to complete tasks by changing task performance.

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Budgeting & forecasting

Decision making

Project status evaluation

Payroll & Billing

Weekly Timesheet

A weekly timesheet keeps track of the hours worked by an individual during a particular week, & tasks they worked on along with the amount of time they invest on each task. This data is used to keep a track of productivity, to charge customers, and to provide precise payroll.

How Does Timesheet Works?

A timesheet automatically records hours worked, breaks taken, and vacation days. After the information is collected, it is either stored in the system or forwarded to HR making it easy to keep track of work hours across projects.

Desklog keeps track of everything between the time a user logs in to the system and the time they log out. An organization can use this information to generate useful documents such as reports, invoices, & others.

Desklog enables tracking of the tasks progress thereby assisting in creating the timesheet. It enables one to keep a track of time assigned for tasks and the duration spent on each task thereby making it easier to track project completion.

Task and project records in the timesheet have simplified productive hour calculation. It automatically records time overruns when a task is being done as well as the time spent on each task. This enables tracking time per task to manage workload effectively.

Desklog time tracking software generates various reports that can be useful for business performance analysis. To facilitate further analysis, these reports can be exported to Excel or PDF.

Benefits of Timesheet


Timesheet generates a weekly report that summarises time spent on different weekly tasks.


The progress and time spent on various tasks during the month can be determined by monthly reports.


The reports made available by timesheets can all be downloaded and viewed at any time.


By analysing all the reports provided by timesheets, trends and critical issues can be found and addressed.

Performance Appraisal

Timesheets help to offer performance reviews by furnishing productivity summary.

Task Tracker

They can be used to supervise how much time is spent on each task and to make sure that it is finished on schedule.

How Real-Time Timesheets Help Your Business?

Real-time timesheets help to manage better & plan projects to track allocated & spent hours. Knowing time spent on tasks can assist you in streamlining or enhancing procedures.

Timesheet Reports

With a timesheet report, managers can keep track of productivity, & then review their working hours with weekly or monthly reports. This can be utilised in efficient decision making.

Performance Appraisal

A timesheet provides information about productivity and working habits, which is useful for evaluating and assessing their performance. Appraisals can motivate and encourage workers to enhance their work.

Analyze Profit & Loss

With a timesheet, you can track billable hours, overhead expenditures, and productivity to detect profit and loss. Managers then estimate the project’s total cost and revenue to determine its net profit or loss.