Employee-Friendly Productivity & Time Tracking

Enable your workforce to do their best work with Desklog's employee-friendly time and productivity tracking.

Enhance Real-Time Productivity

Keep tabs on the productivity of your team with real-time insights.

Effortless Team Management

Supervise your employees and know how working hours are spent.

Enhance Real-Time Productivity

Automated Time Tracking, Timesheets, Leave & Shift Management

Track employees’ time at work by monitoring employees’ timesheets, idle time, offline time, attendance, leave and shift management with Desklog .

Automatic Time Tracking

Timesheet Management

Attendance Management

Leave Management

Shift Management

Absence Calendar

Time Tracking, Attendance, Shift Management
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Automated Screenshot & Snapshot Management

Automated Screenshot & Snapshot Management

Keep an eye on what your employees are doing on their computer screens and make sure they are in front of their systems with automated screenshots and snapshot management.

Automated Screenshot

Automatic Snapshot

Take photos Using Webcam,

Customized Capturing

App URL & Document Title

Track which apps, websites, and documents are accessed by your employees and for how long. Apps and websites can be set to productive, non-productive, or neutral categories.

Monitor Apps Used

Keep Track of Websites Visited

See Time Spend on Apps & Websites

Track Social Media Usage

App URL & Document Title Tracking

Integrated with
Project Management Software

Streamline your organization's workflow with our employee tracking solutions with in-built project management features. It supports the entire SDLC cycle including the initiation process, project planning, execution, maintenance, and final closure.

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Project Management Software
Project Planning
Agile Project Management
Task Management
Bug Tracking

Desklog 3rd Party integrations

Desklog integrations with project management tools and development platforms can streamline your company's workflow, by optimizing project and task tracking.

Amazon S3

Privacy & Data Security Highest Preference

We maintain top-level data security and privacy standards as per the law. Continuous time and effort are required to achieve and maintain high standards in data security. Desklog handles potentially confidential data and has implemented all the necessary steps to prevent security concerns.

Privacy & Data Security
System security
Data security
Network security
Secure Hosting

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a Time Tracking Software do?
  • How do we Track Remote Employee Productivity?
  • How Desklog keep Track of Hours at Work?
  • How to Set Up Desklog System?
  • How can I invite Team members to my company account?
  • How can I use Desklog as an employee?
  • What systems does Desklog support?
  • How do I know if my tracking has started?
  • Will Desklog track my account automatically?
  • Are all Desklog Features available in 30 days Free Trial?

Time Tracking Software is a software system that tracks employees’ time spent on tasks or projects. The software can automatically track employees’ work time by tracking their online, idle, and offline time. Desklog is a time-tracking software used in different industries and supports freelancers too.

You can track the productivity of a remote employee by using efficient time-tracking software. Desklog time tracking software will help you to track your remote employees’ login and logout time automatically, along with screenshots of working hours. Hence it can determine whether the time at work is productive or not.

You can keep track of your working hours with the help of Desklog Time Tracking Software. Desklog is an automated productivity tracking software where you can track your online, idle, and offline time, making tracking your work time precise and accurate.

Setting up Desklog is a fairly simple process. It involves signing up for Desklog, Registration, Verification, Account activation, App installation, etc… You can find step-by-step instructions here.

Adding users, team members, and the creation of teams can be done seamlessly on Desklog. You can find step-by-step instructions here.

Once the app is installed, you can start using Desklog by simply logging in. Click on any of these to see how each of them works.

Desklog is compatible with all devices and supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. Your team can use Desklog on all kinds of desktops and laptops.

The Desklog icon on your taskbar will be in red color if you are not being tracked. Once your tracking has started, the icon will turn green.

Your activity will be automatically tracked by Desklog once you have downloaded the app on your computer and logged in to your account. You can log out after every work session to stop Desklog from tracking your activities

All of Desklog’s advanced features are available for the whole team during the 30 days Free Trial.

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