Our Software Improves Overall Productivity and Performance

Plan your project, manage the resources, assign the task, review the reports, discuss with your team to increase the productivity and performance.

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Desklog - Leading Project Management Software

Our software supports the entire software development life cycle. It supports the initiation process, project planning, project execution, maintenance and final closure.

Project tracking software Initiation Project

Initiation Process

team management software planning

Project Planning

project tracking software Project Execution

Project Execution

Project scheduling Software Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Team management software Final Closure

Final Closure

Tracks Real-Time Projects

Desklog tracks real time projects with an activity rate tracker which provides real-time spent on individual projects.

It tracks the record of the spent time on work, the progress in particular tasks or projects. Helps to balance the resources and track the performance of employees.

Desklog Tracks Real-Time Projects

Why Desklog?

Why Desklog

Manage your team productivity to stay profitable.

Boost your team productivity with our premium features. Manage critical projects with additional security features.

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Integrated Desktop Monitoring

Supervise the local and remote team from both desktop and mobile. View reports at any time from any remote place.

Desklog Integrated Desktop Monitoring

Privacy & Data Security- Highest Preference

Desklog maintains data security and privacy with the highest standards as per German law. Continuous investment accomplished to achieve the highest standards

Bug Tracker in Desklog!

Track the bug, fix and submit with customized workflow in our software as per the business rules or SLA

Fully Automated

The automated feature tracks the bug automatically based on the set criteria and customized views to focus on the issue.

Report and Track the bug

Triggers the bug in third-party application or in bug space based on set criteria and keep you notified in emails.

Customized Needs

Customize workflow to meet your requirements and interface to configure our tool.

Desklog track the bug
project schedulling software project management

Successful Project Management with Desklog

Manage the project successfully with efficient time spent on individual projects

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