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Beyond Time Tracking Seamless Project & Effortless Tracking

Keep tabs on multiple projects with ease using a project time tracker. Enjoy instant reporting & smooth invoicing with your team's favourite tools.

Your Time Matters.

Automatically track employee working hours using Desklog, which records idle and offline time, generates automated timesheets, and manages absences and shifts.

Clock In

Clock Out

Task Timesheet

Shift Scheduler

Time Tracking, Automated Timesheet, Shift Management
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Automated Timesheet

Project Time Tracking

Idle Time Tracker

Work/Task Timeline

Project Timesheet

Team Management

Prevents Overcharging

Prevents Overcharging Or Undercharging

Desklog streamlines payment processes with accurate project invoicing and billing, tracking employee hours and tasks. This enhances client satisfaction and fostering strong client relationships through its all-in-one time tracking software.

Customised billing

Precise Calculation

Optimum Budget Utilisation

Detailed Task Invoicing

Better Work-Life Balance

Desklog values employee well-being, offering flexible schedules for personal time. We track work rather than employees, ensuring accurate work and billing details. Our goal is to promote a balanced, transparent work environment for a happier team.

Overtime Notification

Break Time Reminder

Flexible Work Schedule

Proof of work

Employee Well-being
Improve Your Focus

Improve Your Focus

Desklog's powerful activity tracking capabilities ensure you're always informed and in focus. Track every employee and system activity, along with app and URL usage, for a comprehensive insight into your team's efficiency.

App & Web Usage Tracker

Automated Screenshot

Document Title Tracker

App Categorization

Reliable & Protected Data

Maintaining compliance with GDPR and adhering to data security and privacy standards plays a crucial role in managing personal data securely. Our time tracking software's expert team is dedicated to working around the clock, ensuring the security and safety of user data to prevent leaks. This steadfast commitment and continuous effort help us stay ahead in the industry, proactively guarding against security threats.

Privacy & Data Security
System security
Data security
Network security
Secure Hosting

Desklog Jira Integration

Desklog's integration with Jira significantly enhances project tracking efficiency, providing a smooth and effective experience in project management.

Direct time tracking on Jira issues via Desklog.

Automatic task entry creation.

Enhanced project visibility and accuracy.

Simplified project management through integrated time tracking

Jira Integration

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a time tracking software do?
  • Is Desklog free?
  • How do we track remote work?
  • How Desklog keep track of hours at work?
  • How to Set Up Desklog?
  • What operating systems & devices does Desklog support?
  • Does Desklog follow GDPR policies?
  • How can I suggest a feature?
  • Does Desklog tracks your screen?
  • What is idle time? Does Desklog track idle time?
  • How time tracking works?

Time Tracking Software can automatically track the work hours of an employee by tracking the time spent on tasks or projects by also categorizing it into online, idle, & offline time.

Yes, it’s absolutely free. Desklog offers a Free plan for unlimited users with infinite projects & tasks which includes features such as Automatic Time Tracking, Timesheet, Absence Calendar, Offline Time Tracking, and Idle Time Tracking etc. We also provide an option to upgrade to the Business and Enterprise plan.

You can track employee productivity of remote work by using an efficient time-tracking software. Desklog is a free time tracking software that will automatically help you track clock in and clock out time of the remote employees along with an automated timesheet of working hours. Hence, it can determine whether the time at work is productive or not.

You can keep track of employee working hours with the help of Desklog Time Tracking Software. Desklog is an automated productivity tracking software where you can track your online, idle, and offline time of an employee, making tracking of work time precise and accurate.

Setting up Desklog is a simple process. It involves Sign Up, Registration, Verification, Account Activation,and App Installation. You can find step-by-step instructions here.

Desklog is compatible with all devices and supports operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Your team can use Desklog on all kinds of desktops and laptops.

The services presented by Desklog and the data produced using the software follow the rules set by the GDPR. Desklog guarantees users’ data security, integrity, and privacy and will assist with GDPR-related documentation or data subject rights requests. Before involving any third-party service providers, Desklog has validated that they follow appropriate data protection laws, including the GDPR. Please go through the Desklog user GDPR Policy.

You can suggest features or report bugs through our roadmaps. We have an open platform to receive your suggestions for software upgrades and to keep you updated with new features.

By default Desklog doesn’t track your screen. But, we provide automated screenshot as an optional feature for those who need to keep track of their teams screen. This feature is only available in business and enterprise plans.

Idle time is when an employee sits idle in front of the system without using it for work. It will be recorded until the resumes using it. Yes, Desklog tracks idle time.

Time tracking works by helping freelancers and organizations track their work hours and tasks in the most accurate way. Users can create projects or tasks, as well as generate detailed reports and analytics.

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