Offline Time Tracking Software

No Internet Connection Or Intermittent Network Connectivity Issue? Go Ahead With Desklog-Offline Time Tracking

Effectively track your work activities and count your productive time during offline working hours.

What Is Offline Time Tracking?

It is the exclusive feature to track productive time or idle time when the employee was working with intermittent network connectivity issues or no internet connection.

How Does Offline Time Tracking work?

The Admin or the manager can configure the settings of this offline time tracking software. When the employees work without an internet connection, the offline tracked time data will be locally stored and synched back to the online time tracking data when the internet connection is back to a stable state.

Desklog Offline Time Tracking

Configure offline Time tracking

Admin or the manager can configure the offline time tracking settings to enable the feature.

Enables offline time tracking once employee-login

Once the employee login to the employee time tracking software, the offline time tracking is enabled to capture offline time data

Records offline time data and sync back to Desklog

The captured offline time data is stored locally and will syn back to the online tracked data of the application when the connection is stable.

Why Do You Need Offline Time Tracking?

For effective time tracking and estimate time effort

The best way to track the time spent on work during offline working hours and sync with online working hours to estimate the time effort.

keep your employees motivated

Maintain employee motivation as working offline period counts productive time in the offline time tracking software.

Avoid Procrastinating

No need to wait for a stable network connection for any work progress.

Enhance Productivity

Counting offline productive time and the online productive time enhances overall productivity of the employees.

Maintain Uninterrupted Workflow

Streamlined workflow and no interruption even during intermittent network connectivity issues with employee time tracking software.

Desklog Offline Time Tracking