What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation, otherwise known as GDPR, is a new legal regulation that addresses data protection and privacy for all citizens and companies operating in the European Union. Businesses must obtain the person’s prior permission before gathering, using, or disclosing a person’s personal information. Companies must ensure that people can easily exercise their rights by giving them precise details about their rights under the GDPR. The law is set to reshape how businesses and organizations around the world approach data privacy.

At Desklog, we understand privacy’s importance for the business and your employees. We take your privacy seriously and do everything we can to protect it. Every day our team does their best to protect data from possible breaches. As part of GDPR compliance and being honest about how we function your data, we often revise our privacy policy, & scrutinize all of our subprocessors. Our security system is crafted to protect against probable external threats and uses encryption to keep & maintain all data safe. Our experienced security professional team constantly scans our system to ensure our employees’ data is protected.

Data use, ownership, & control

The information you store or transmit through Desklog is used for various purposes, including service access, inquiry response, & sending service-related communications. This data is utilized to enhance the overall service quality and ensure that we meet your requirements. Desklog is committed to protecting your privacy at any cost & will only use your data following this Privacy Policy.

As your data controller, you remain the sole owner of the information you entrust to Desklog. We are processors of this data, making us responsible for the secure storage, processing and transmission of your data. The organization has implemented industry-leading security measures to protect your data and only allow access to it when necessary for the performance of our services. As a result, you can rest assured that your data is safe with Desklog

Data Security & Protection

Desklog is committed to security & works diligently to ensure that physical and network security is monitored 24 hours a day. We have a team of security experts who are constantly taking care of our systems to confirm that your data is safe & secure. We do not disclose employee information to any third party except as required to furnish the services to the employee and to comply with the law. We have strict internal policies and procedures to safeguard customer information and prevent unauthorized access. In the event of a security breach, we plan to quickly and efficiently address the issue to minimize any damage. You can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

Data Portability

Companies that adhere to the GDPR have the right to transmit personal data files from one control system to another. This is a vital part of the GDPR, as it permits firms to securely transfer data without compromising its security. Desklog furnishes options for password-protected exports, which empowers data exporting while guaranteeing top-notch security. This feature allows companies to securely share data without staking data security.

Business Continuity

We have a business continuity plan, a response team, and a recovery plan for Desklog. We execute a disaster recovery programme at each data centre location to lessen service disruptions caused by hardware failure or natural disasters. This programme has many elements to prevent the risk of any single point of failure, which is mentioned below:

  1. All data backups are kept off-site
  2. Hardware redundancy in each data centre
  3. A committed team for disaster recovery

In the event of a significant outage, our recovery plan includes a failsafe to guarantee that Desklog remains up & running. We have a comprehensive plan to keep our service carried out smoothly, no matter what comes our way. This program diminishes the threat of single points of failure by duplicating application data across multiple systems and backup data centres. Every data is designed to keep your data safe & secure, with minimal risk of any data loss or breach.

Antivirus and Malware Protection

The malicious code protection policies can automatically update antivirus and other defence mechanisms, keeping them effective against the latest risks or threats. This can help businesses avoid expensive malware infections, securing both their data & reputation. Antivirus devices are specially coded to direct scans, possible virus detection, and real-time file report activity.


Desklog is devoted to compliance with all security and privacy regulations, both regional and global. The organization employs a dedicated team to monitor regional security requirements and privacy compliance to ensure compliance. The Data Protection Program is supported by a comprehensive Data Protection Policy, which guarantees compliance with all pertinent regulations making Desklog capable of providing its customers with the highest security and privacy protection.

To guarantee that we comply with all significant rules and laws, we take care to employ cryptographic methods & approaches accurately. The information security implementation of Desklog is inspected annually by an external team, and we also subject it to consistent invasion testing by a specialist third-party firm. This helps us to recognize any potential or possible weak points in our security so that we can address them before they are exploited. We are paying close attention to every change enacted by the European Union always to stay updated. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy and security practices, please get in touch with us at [email protected].