Project Timesheet

Project Timesheet

Time Flies, But We Keep It in Check: Discover Project Timesheet Software!

A project timesheet is a document used by businesses to track and record the amount of time spent on a particular project and tasks. Typically, Project Timesheets encompasses details such as date, project name, task name, assignee, hours worked, and description.

Project Timesheet

Comprehensive Reports

Project Efficiency

Accurate Project Billing

Performance Evaluation

What is Project Timesheet?

Project Timesheet functions as a valuable tool for meticulously tracking and documenting the time invested in various projects. It provides employers with insights into how their employees allocate and execute their work, which can be further enhanced with the use of time tracking software. The advent of project timesheet software has significantly benefited businesses by offering the means to closely track time utilization and uphold project timelines.

Features of Desklog’s Project Timesheet

Comprehensive tracking

Track the time spent on each project, task, and date, capturing intricate details of every task within a project.

Export project wise report

Desklg project timesheet app easily generates project-specific reports, facilitating efficient client billing.

Team wise report

Access project timesheet reports for each team, enabling you to gauge team performance and project progress.

User wise report

Obtain project timesheet reports for individual users, allowing you to assess their contributions and productivity.

Date wise report

Access project timesheet reports organized by date, helping you track project progress over time.

Export option available

Export timesheet data in various formats, such as Excel, CSV, and PDF, for seamless integration into your workflow and reporting processes..

Advantages of project timesheet

Project timesheets offer a myriad of advantages that enhance time management and project tracking. Embracing timesheets brings forth a spectrum of benefits that boost productivity and streamline project operations.

Real Time Project Tracking

Timesheets provide up-to-the-minute insights into project progress, enabling project managers and team members to track projects & tasks. This real-time visibility empowers teams to make informed decisions, and promptly address any issues that may arise, ultimately ensuring that projects meet their objectives efficiently.

Timely Reporting of Task Delays

Project Timesheets allow employees to promptly communicate real-time progress to project managers. In case of delays, managers can adjust schedules or assign urgent tasks to available team members.

Optimizing Team Member Availability

Utilizing timesheets facilitates the easy determination of team members’ availability for workload distribution. Tasks assigned to each employee are clearly defined and quantified in terms of time, ensuring efficiency.

Cost Estimation Based on Time Allocation

Timesheets serve as an excellent tool for estimating project costs. Each project element is evaluated based on the time invested, allowing to compare projections with actual time spent at any stage of execution. This aids in the streamlined execution of the project.

How Does the Project Timesheet Work in Desklog?

Create Account & Install App

First and foremost, you have to create a Desklog account from the website. And then install the Desklog app.

Add user

Add designated users to Desklog for effective project tracking and creating project timesheets.

Create Project

Create projects using the project tracking feature and assign them to the necessary teams.

Create and Assign Task

Generate tasks under the created project and assign them to specific members in a team with an estimated time.

Track & Record Task Execution

Desklog starts tracking the task time once you put that particular task ‘In Progress’.

Export Project Timesheet

Export the project timesheet for further use.

How Does a Desklog Project Timesheet Help Your Business?

A desklog project timesheet can provide several benefits to your business. Here are some ways in which a desklog project timesheet can help your business:

Project Time and Progress Tracking

A desklog project timesheet serves as a reliable record of how employees work on their projects. This precision is vital for understanding where time is invested, ensuring that tasks are adequately addressed, and identifying areas where improvements can be made. It helps prevent overestimation or underestimation of work hours, enhancing the overall efficiency of your business.

Resource Allocation and Capacity Planning

By scrutinizing timesheet data, you can make informed resource allocation decisions. It allows you to discern which projects or tasks are demanding excessive time and resources, as well as those that may be underutilized. This optimization of resource allocation can help you streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Cost Estimation and Budgeting

Project Timesheets enable you to estimate project costs more accurately. By calculating labor costs based on recorded work hours and the applicable hourly rates of your workforce, you can provide clients with precise project cost estimates. This transparency not only aids in client communication but also ensures that your business operates within budget.

Client Invoicing and Billing

For businesses that bill clients based on projects, a project timesheet system simplifies the billing process. It allows you to generate accurate invoices, as the hours billed are substantiated by detailed timesheet records. This transparency builds trust and reduces disputes with clients.

Performance Evaluation and Documentation

Project timesheet data serves as a valuable resource for evaluating employee or team performance. Managers can assess productivity, identify areas for improvement, and recognize top performers. This data-driven approach enables more objective and fair performance evaluations.


1.Is the project timesheet free?

Yes, Desklog offers a free project timesheet feature where you can keep record of all the project related data.

2.How do you track time on a project?

Desklog provides you the feature project time tracking which tracks the time spent on each project and tasks in real time.

3.How can I track my billable hours in the project timesheet?

Desklog allows you to assign each project in whole or each task under a project as billable and non billable before assigning them to the respective ones. These details from the timesheet make the managers or HRs easy at the time of payroll.

4.How can I review timesheets for my team or employees?

Yes, Admins can review and analyze employee performance with the timesheet feature as it contains all the project related

5.Are there any limits on the number of projects or entries I can track with this feature?

No, you can track an unlimited number of projects and tasks through project tracking. Desklog also keeps record of all the created projects and tasks.

6.Can I export timesheet data for payroll or client billing purposes?

Yes, you can export the timesheet in excel, csv or pdf form. This not only helps you in client billing but also in employee performance evaluation.

7.Can I track time for multiple projects simultaneously?

Ofcourse, Desklog seamlessly and automatically tracks multiple projects simultaneously in real-time.

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