How can I register team mates in my Desklog account?

Register users

Click on the Register menu on the left side panel, it displays the following two submenus.



1. User

Click on the User sub menu, it opens the user sign up form to register the new user.


Enter the details under User Sign Up form as shown in the above screenshot.

*User Role: Choose the User Role(System Admin/Normal User) from the drop-down menu

*Email Address: Enter the email address of the user

After entering the details click on Invite to register the user.

2. Team

Click on the team sub-menu to register the team members. Similar to user registration, enter the details and click on the Create Team button to register the team members.


6. User Receives Login Details

Once the user or the team is registered, the user or the team members will receive a welcome mail with login details to the registered email address as shown in the below screenshot.

User login_1

Download App

The User can now download the app for either the Windows or Linux operating system.

user dashboard

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