Privacy Policy

Desklog is fully committed to respect and protect the personal data of its users. This policy details how Desklog processes information regarding individuals including their personal data with respect to the use of website and remote tracking services to analyze productivity.

Here you will be able to find out what type of information is collected regarding individuals or users, why and what we do with the data, and how confidentially we manage such information.

By accessing this site you agree to the Privacy Policies of outlined below. If you do not agree to the terms of this policy, please do not access or use this site.

The terms used in this page have the same meaning of the terms used in terms and conditions page until it is separately mentioned here in this privacy policy.

1. Introduction

1.1 This privacy policy controls the personal data processing of any independent individual user or visitors of Desklog. It includes personal data processing by Desklog with respect to companies, organizations and their employees with their Desklog account (Client account) within their registered service.

1.2 It may process personal data with respect to data protection laws and data subjects within the government standards and comply with GDPR.

1.3 Desklog acts as a Data controller and defines the purposes for the following data processing:

Personal data of the clients or the users who transfer their personal data to Desklog, such as independent individuals, freelancers (who use Desklog account for their own purpose)

Personal data of the subscribers who are interested in the updates and other news of Desklog but are not the registered users of Desklog.

1.4 When the data is transferred from the clients to Desklog and when the personal data is processed by Desklog, then it acts as a data processor.

2. Data processing on behalf of clients by Desklog

2.1 This section relates to Desklog clients that transfer end-user personal data. Here the end-user of the client relates to the employees of the client. With respect to this transferred data, the client shall define the purpose and means of personal data processing. Thus the client acts as the data controller.

2.2 Desklog processes the personal data of the end-user on behalf of the client and Desklog acts as a data processor and accesses the data for providing the service.

2.3 If you as the end-user(employee) of the Desklog client account, the privacy policy of the client(employer or the organization) will apply. The personal data of the end-user is processed on behalf of the client by Desklog. Any inquiry, request, complaint, objection subjected to the profile of the end-user created by the client should be addressed and resolved by the client and thus the client is the data controller.

Data Processing Details

2.4 When the client transfers the personal data of the end-user(Client’s employee) to the Desklog, the data is processed by Dessklog in accordance with the agreement between the client and Desklog.

2.5 Desklog processes data in compliance with the data protection laws including GDPR wherever applicable.

Data subject categories and type of personal data

2.6 The data subject categories whose personal data processed on behalf of the client include the end-user of the client, client’s employees, representatives, or other users that will use the registered client account. The information collected on the personal data is indicated in section 4.

2.7 The client ensures that it has obtained all the legal bases, consents for personal data processing of end-users. The client should confirm that the end-users are informed about the personal data being transferred to Desklog and other integrated third parties of Desklog for rendering the service.

Data processing period

2.8 Desklog will process the personal data of the end-user as long as it provides the service to the client with the active Desklog account.

2.9 If the end-user profile or account is deleted by the client, then for the analytical interest of the client Desklog will process the deleted account data on behalf of the client. However, the same data can be deleted upon the client’s instruction.

2.10 After the period of the contractual relationship between Desklog and client, Desklog may continue to store some personal data (minimum amount) as required to comply with legal obligations, to resolve any future disputes between Desklog and client, to ensure reliable back-up, to prevent fraudulent activities, to implement agreements, to follow the legitimate interest of Desklog and its associated third parties.


2.11 The client agrees that Desklog process data for rendering the service and uses sub-processors and the services provided are indicated in section 6. The sub-processors will be in compliance with legal obligations and with the requirements of GDPR. If sub-processors fail to comply with the legal obligations of data protection, Desklog shall be liable to the client.

Support for the data controller

2.12 As a data processor Desklog will support the client with organizational or technical measures, as far as possible to fulfill the obligations of the client as the data controller:

Any request sent directly from the end-user to Desklog with respect to the access, restriction, deletion, blocking of personal data will be promptly forwarded to the client


The personal data breach of the client’s end-user shall be notified to the supervisory authority.

The data protection assessments are prepared where appropriate and carry out consultation with the supervisory authority where ever required.

Data Deletion

2.13 After the period of the contractual relationship between Desklog and client, Desklog may continue to store all data for a period of 6 months and if there is no perusal to extend the contract within the specified period, it may delete all data unless it is required by the applicable law.

3. Conditions and purposes for processing

3.1 As a data controller, Desklog shall process data to render service, to enhance our service, to address and resolve any service-related issues you may face, and ensure the best customer experience.

3.2 Desklog collects the data for the following purposes. However, not limited to:

  • To get registered and avail of the service by creating your account with Desklog.
  • To send invoices, payment processing for the service provided by Desklog.
  • To personalize the service with your account settings.
  • To communicate regarding the service-related queries and to support your requests.
  • For analyzing your performance as a Desklog feature.
  • To enhance service and to update the features within the service period.
  • To analyze our service with your service usage and enhance accordingly.
  • To deliver advertisements, offers, promotions to you.
  • Legitimate data protection with respect to Desklog terms and conditions and other third parties integrated.

Consent will be put forward to use your information for any other purpose which is not mentioned in this privacy policy.

3.3 Legal conditions for personal data processing vary depending upon a certain group of data and the associated purpose. The same personal data may be used simultaneously for several purposes and may depend on one or more legal grounds.

4. Information collected from Desklog users

We may collect your personal data to improve our service and improve business decisions.

We collect several types of data to contact you or notify you regarding any updates.

Personally Identifiable Information

4.1 We may collect your personal data when you affirmatively choose to submit the data when required for any purpose.

The data which identifies you personally are as follows but not limited to :

  • Email address
  • First name and last name
  • Phone number
Third-party integrations

4.2 You may select third-party integration available with Desklog service. Third-party integration is a tool or software which is integrated with the Desklog service and you may enable or disable the service with your active Desklog account.

4.3 When the third -party integration is enabled, they may share certain information with Desklog. For example, any third-party service is used, then the details used for sign up with the third party like your name, the email address may be shared with us. The privacy setting of the third party should be checked to know what type of information may be shared with us.

Information collected during account configuration

4.4 When you configure settings of your Desklog account, including tracking preferences, the following information will be collected. However, not limited to:Personal Data

Time zone, Location, work duration, start and end time of work, working days, start and stop time of work tracking, application names to be gathered, etc.

Information collected while using the service

4.5, When you use Desklog service, some of the information is processed and it may contain personally identifiable information as mentioned in section 4.1 and Desklog also records the following information while using the service:

IP address, browser type, browser software version, websites visited, Desklog client version used application names, screenshots captured.

4.6 If you are the end-user and not the client of Desklog service, then the above-mentioned information is shared by the client(eg: Your employer) to the Desklog.

5. Information collected from Desklog website visitors

5.1 While visiting our website we may collect the following information that may have your personal data:

  • Device and browser
  • IP Address
  • Information collected from cookies

5.2 When you subscribe to the blogs of Desklog, share your comments on the blog, submitting the query, you may provide your personal data which may include :

  • Name
  • Email address

5.3 When subscribed to any newsletter or blog, we will process the email address that you have used to send the respective information.

6. Rights of the data subject

6.1 Data subjects including end-user or individual clients have certain rights concerning their personal data. Subject to exemptions provided by the data rules and regulations, you may have the right to access your personal data and update, delete, or modify this data, may restrict or block to process your personal data.

6.2 Make use of these rights by using your Desklog account or get connected with Desklog using the contact information.

6.3 If you are an individual reporting to the client and the personal data is processed by Desklog on behalf of the client, then please contact your client to acquire rights as a data subject.

6.4 In case, if Desklog receives any complaint from the individual or end-user of the client, whose personal data has been provided by the client to Desklog, then Desklog will not respond to these complaints or requests without any prior authorization letter from the client.

7. Personal data security

7.1 Desklog uses certain measures like organizational, technical measures to safeguard confidentiality, integrity. However, we encourage all end-users, representatives, freelancers, clients to protect their personal data as well as set strong passwords for their Desklog account.

7.2 All personnel involved in processing personal data provided to Desklog are committed to confidentiality obligations and shall not access personal data without any authorization.

7.3 If any personal data breach occurs, the same will be notified to supervisory authorities in compliance with the obligations set out as per the applicable law and will support the investigation of the personal data breach.

8. Privacy Policy Changes

8.1 Desklog may amend or modify this privacy policy as it introduces new features or services. This modification will be enforced and applied from the moment the privacy page is updated.

8.2 Thus we encourage you all to check this page frequently to know the updated privacy policy. By continuing our service, we hereby assume that you agree to the updated privacy policy.

9. Contact Information

In case you have any queries regarding this Privacy Policy or our data processing practices, please contact us by email Email: