Time Tracking With Screenshot

Seamlessly experience the power of time tracking with Desklog’s Optional Screenshot feature. Effortlessly capture screenshots of your computer screen at regular intervals, while gaining valuable insights into your activities and application usage.

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Keep track of which websites and applications your employees are using.
Easily find out which projects take up the most time
Get a visual representation of how employees work
Spot inefficiencies and make changes.

Automated Screenshots

Implementing time tracking with screenshots enables you to gain valuable insights into your team’s activities. With Desklog’s Automated Screenshots, you can visually document the tasks undertaken and applications accessed by your team members, whether they work remotely or in an office environment. By aligning with automated time tracking, our solution offers precise evidence of the time invested in work by each individual.

Spot Non-productive Activities

Our automated screenshot feature, not only tracks productive activities but also identifies and addresses non-productive ones within your team with the help of app & URL feature. With the integration of time tracking with screenshots, application and time percentages, you can develop a profound comprehension of time allocation. By tracking the percentage of time spent on non-productive applications, you can pinpoint potential distractions and take proactive measures to enhance productivity.

Maximize productivity & start optimizing your workflow with Automated Screenshot

Blur Screen Capture

Our time tracking with screenshot feature that includes blurring screen captures for enhanced privacy and data protection. With this advanced capability, users can opt to automatically blur sensitive information or specific sections of the captured screenshots, ensuring the security and confidentiality of sensitive data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).


Time tracking with screenshot feature in Desklog, offers customization with the flexibility to choose whether to capture screenshots every few minutes or at specific intervals throughout the day. This flexibility will be particularly beneficial for remote teams or freelancers, as they need close tracking of working activities.


1Does time tracking with screenshots require internet connectivity?

No, time tracking with screenshot feature of Desklog allows capturing screenshots even without internet connection.

2Are the screenshots stored securely?

Of course, Desklog ensures the secure and confidential storage of not only screenshots but also all recorded data.

3How often are screenshots captured during time tracking?

Desklog’s automated screenshot feature offers a customizable option where you can capture screenshots at specific time intervals according to your requirements.

4 What types of activities can be tracked using screenshots?

You have the ability to track every activity performed on your system, including websites visited, productive and non-productive apps used, and social media platforms.