Time Tracking with Automated Screenshots

Monitor Time & Productivity WithDesklog Automated Screenshots

Are you looking for a quick and easy time tracking software with automated screenshots to handle your remote team?


would you like to have controlled and systematic management operations with your resources?

Yes! Desklog employee productivity tracking or time tracking software with the automated screenshot is here to meet your requirements.
Automated Screenshots Of Desklog

What Actually Desklog-Auto Screenshots Do?

The automated screenshots of Desklog allow you to record the screenshots of activities performed on their system at specified or random time intervals. Managers or authorized personnel will be able to track the applications accessed and the percentage time spent from the screenshots.

Supervise Your Remote Team

It plays a crucial role when it is needed to track or manage the remote team. Remote teams are paid for working hours, so ensure the productive time with the automated screenshots and optimize the time and money of the project.

Desklog Scrum Management

Look Over Fraudulent Activities

Quickly filter out the suspicious or non-productive activities with the automated screenshots of Desklog. The captured screen provides the type of app accessed and it makes a better understanding of real-time operations carried out at the employee’s end. It assists in protecting the confidential data.

Desklog Scrum Management

Focus On Dull Workers

Track the dull worker and their sluggish activities by enabling the auto screenshot feature for certain workers or the entire team. It determines where they lag to stay productive. Let them know that they are being tracked with auto screenshots and watch the hike in productivity.

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View & Analyze The Real-Time Spent

The % real time spent on each working window is also captured as a detail along with the automated screenshots. This allows you to identify the leisure time spent on the type of apps and determine the bottleneck involved in enhancing real-time productivity.

Desklog real time analyze

Start With Auto Screenshots Of Desklog

  • Under the register menu, enable the automated screenshot feature
  • You can also enable blur screen capture if required
  • Choose the screen capture frequency and screen capture quality
  • All screenshots can be viewed in the screenshot menu
  • Go through the Desklog client app help guide for better understanding


  • Auto Screenshot
  • Live Screenshot
  • Idle Screenshot
  • Blur Screen Capture
  • Most Used Screen
  • Screen Capture Quality
  • Screenshot With App%
  • Screenshot With Time%
  • Screen Capture Frequency(3min or 5min)

Don’t Screw Up

Allow your team to work comfortably with Desklog time tracking by letting them know about auto screenshot features. But don’t screw up them.

Don't Screw Up