Time Tracking With Screenshot

Capture the computer screens of your employees at regular intervals with Desklog’s Automated Screenshots. Record the screenshots of activities performed and track applications accessed and the percentage of time spent from the screenshots.

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Keep track of which websites and applications your employees are using.
Easily find out which projects take up the most time
Get a visual representation of how employees work
Spot inefficiencies and make changes.

Automated Screenshots

Automated screenshots of Desklog allow you to look at the activities of employees on their system at specified or random time intervals. Managers or authorized personnel can track the applications used and the percentage of time spent on them from screenshots.

Spot Non-productive Activities

Quickly filter out the non-productive activities with automated screenshots of Desklog. The captured images provide information about the type of apps accessed and give a better interpretation of real-time operations.

Blur Screen Capture

The screen capture feature could give rise to privacy concerns. Desklog provides admins with the option to blur screenshots of a particular user or team for a specified time period.

Most Used Screens

Find out which screens are used the most by your employees. Desklog marks frequently used apps/websites with most-used labels. Easily keep tabs on the tasks performed by your workers every day.

Screenshots With App% and Time%

Find the percentage of working hours spent on an app and screen with the app% and time% screenshots of Desklog. Know what apps are used by your employees and the time spent on those.

Screenshot Settings

The admin has options to toggle different settings of screenshots. The screenshot capture frequency or the time interval in which screenshots are captured, and the image quality of screenshots can be easily customized.