Employee Shift Management Software

Now use Desklog’s Shift Scheduling Feature to manage the work schedules of your employees.

Employee Shift Management with Desklog

With Desklog’s shift scheduling feature, plan your employee’s shifts and get detailed performance analysis in one place. Combine time tracking and shift scheduling to provide your employees with increased flexibility.

Employee attendance and Shift Management

Shift management can ease the supervision of employee attendance. A complete overview of shifts can be seen and managers can ensure that all employees get equal shift times. The feature can also be used to prevent issues like understaffing, overstaffing and time wastage.

Performance reports according to shifts

Desklog’s shift scheduling feature provides you detailed performance reports according to the shifts employees have worked. The reports will show the employee shift time, productivity, arrival and left time, time at work, idle and private time, etc… This information can be accessed in the Reports section.

Time tracking and shift planning in one place

Using Desklog You can schedule employee shifts and track their time and productivity using the same app. You can avoid the inconvenience of using separate apps for shift scheduling and time tracking. Desklog’s shift scheduling feature gives all the functionalities of a dedicated shift planning app.

Provide your employees with more flexibility

Both employees and managers can reap the benefits of Desklog’s shift scheduling feature. Employees can make use of shift scheduling to choose shifts that better suit their preferences. By considering these preferences managers can raise the job satisfaction of their employees.

Improve productivity with Shift management

With Desklog’s shift management feature, you can analyze the different performance stats of your employees and recognize when they are most productive. Then you can use this data to plan future schedules based on the productivity of your employees. This will provide increased autonomy and job satisfaction.

Employee Shift Management Features

Automatic shift rotation

24*7 coverage

Productivity monitoring

Idle time tracking

Attendance management

Performance reports

Time zone setting