Automated Time Tracking

The automated time tracking feature lets you track total work time, whether logged from home or at the office. This makes tracking arrival time, login time, log-out time, left time, idle time, offline time, productive time, and total hours worked per day/week/month easier.

Accurate time tracking
Better collaboration
Data-driven decision-making
Improved billing and invoicing

Project Time Tracking

You can organize your projects by managing time, money & scope limitations to satisfy client needs. Projects can be broken down into smaller tasks and delegated to team members to achieve this. With Desklog, project progress can be tracked automatically.

Unlimited Projects

This allows users to create as well as manage an unlimited number of projects within the tracking system.

Unlimited Tracking

The ability to monitor and record an unlimited number of project activities and progress indicators.

Easy Project Management

Effortless system for streamlined project tracking & collaborative management, ensuring successful outcomes with ease.

Automated Timesheet

You can organize your projects by managing time, money & scope limitations to satisfy client needs. Projects can be broken down into smaller tasks and delegated to team members to achieve this. With Desklog, project progress can be tracked automatically.

Web Timer

This enables team time tracking without installing any app making it a flexible, convenient, and cost-effective way to track time for teams. Users can control time by also enabling start, stop and break.

Absence Management Software

Desklog’s leave management feature simplifies absence management by facilitating the efficient management, approval, and tracking of various types of leave, including paid or unpaid time off. Desklog users can easily configure leave policies, access leave history, and generate monthly or yearly reports on leave activity.

Shift Management

Scheduling and managing shifts can be accomplished by arranging shifts and obtaining a complete performance analysis with maximum utilization of resources. Shift management also enables managers to assign duties and responsibilities based on availability, skill sets, and personal preferences, thereby facilitating the scheduling process.

Project Billing

This feature provides precise bills & generates accurate invoices of projects by using tracked billable hours. It also offers different project billing methods ensuring fair and transparent billing & invoicing of projects handled in your organization.

Simplified Financial Processes

Streamlining and optimizing financial procedures and tasks, making them more efficient and easy to manage.

Increased Project Profitability

Ability to minimise expenses while maximising financial gains, leading to higher net profits for the finished project.

Enhanced Revenue Tracking

Refined system that optimises income monitoring and recording for better financial management and analysis

Offline Time Tracking

With this feature, team members can be tracked even with unstable internet. Our server automatically records the computer activities even if it loses internet access and transfers the data back to the server when it regains its network connection. It is possible to track work done while offline.

Idle Time Tracking

Individual/team efficiency can be optimized through idle time tracking, an innovative feature by Desklog. Through accurately monitoring mouse & keyboard activities, we intelligently assess the engagement with their systems. As such, Desklog identifies three minutes of inactivity as idle time & prompts for time allocation

Keep track of productivity
Monitor time spent away from the computer
productive/unproductive time
Keep track of productivity

App & URL Tracking

This feature allows you to track the usage of Apps & URLs and time spent on them. Additionally, you have the option to categorize the Apps & URLs into various groups, including social media, office applications, and development tools. These groups can be further classified as either productive or non-productive.

Document Title Tracking

Tracking URLs alone provides little insight into the purpose of the website. To resolve the issue, Desklog will track the website titles, document titles, mail subject lines, etc. Thus, employers can understand what websites and documents they visit during working hours. View feature.

Time Request

When a team member is away from their system, Desklog will detect the time and log it as idle time. Then, the members can request to update the time as productive work time. The team leader or HR can verify the request and approve it by confirming the time.

Optional Screenshots

This feature will capture screenshots at regular intervals and allows for customization of the frequency of screenshot recording. It can provide insight into the tasks being performed during business hours, which may be valuable in identifying security vulnerabilities.


The Desklog will provide customised app usage reports, task reports, attendance reports, leave reports, etc., to the employers to analyse the employee performance to assist in decision-making. Weekly/monthly/yearly reports are available & can download as excel or pdf reports as needed.

Remote Installation

The Desklog installation will be performed remotely by the technical support team without the need for an on-site visit. This will involve accessing the user’s system remotely and proceeding with the installation process.

Premium Support

It provides customers with the assurance that they can receive assistance at any time of the day, allowing them to feel at ease and confident in using our time tracking software. Whether you have a question about a feature, require assistance with troubleshooting, or simply want to provide feedback, our technical support team is always here to assist.

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