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Desklog is an efficient Real Time Tracking softwareDesklog helps employees effectively manage their time at work, boosts work efficiency, With the following advanced features, take your organization’s productivity to the next level.

Automated Time Tracking

Are you always running out of time? Are 24 hours not enough in a day for you? If yes, time tracking is the solution for you. With Desklog’s automatic time tracking, you can monitor and document the time consumed on activities, tasks, and other projects during the day. On a more personal note, it is also the key to realizing how you spend your own time, how productive and effective you are daily, which duties take up most of your time, and which tasks demand more attention.

App Tracking
App Tracking

App Tracking

App tracking enables to track the URL of the application accessed by the resources. The tracked URL helps in determining the type of application accessed and whether it falls under the app categories like a productive/non-productive/neutral app.

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Idle Time Tracking

The time tracking feature will capture the arrival time, left time, spent time, and productive time of the employees. It enables the overall time tracking of the employee.

Desklog Attendance Management

Arrival time

Time at which employee arrived.

Left time

Time at which employee went offline or logged off.

Spent time

Total time worked by the employee during the working hours.


Total productive time spent on the productive apps during the working hours.

Desklog Bug Tracking

Private Time Option ( Go Online/Offline )

This option enables the resources to avail of their private time which is non-related to the work during their working hours. It allows the employees to go offline/ go online and during this offline period, the application and the time are not tracked.

Attendance Management

Attendance and leave management system captures the check in check out details of the employee and tracks the monthly attendance report and can view the late arrival request placed.

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Desklog Evaluation
Desklog Automated Screenshots

Screen Monitoring and Automated Screenshots.

This feature of Desklog enables the superiors to monitor the screen of their team members to focus on the assigned task and review the work status. This helps in analyzing the real time spent by the individuals on the assigned task. This feature also enables to capture a screenshot of the working window in every few minutes. The access to the screenshots are restricted only to the superiors so it maintains the privacy and security of Desklog.

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Productivity Report

Know more with detailed productivity reports from Desklog. Gain clear insights about employees’ work behavior. See accurately how much time your team has worked. Customize according to days, weeks, or months. Evaluate the quantity and quality of your employee’s work performances and ascertain an operating baseline using the Desklogs productivity reports.

App Tracking
App Tracking

Document title tracking

Know what your employees are working on and for how long with Desklog’s document title tracking feature. Desklog will view document titles, mail subject lines, etc, and track time spent on them. Track how much time your employees contribute to different projects, see which discussions consume the most time, and much more.

Unlimited Data history and Unlimited Teams

Make as many teams as you wish and always be in control of your data with Desklog’s unlimited data history and unlimited teams. Create and manage as many teams according to your company’s structure. Never lose any data of your team in Desklog as it offers you unlimited data history.

App Tracking
App Tracking

Remote installation

Installation is remote and easy with an internet connection. It will only take less than 10 minutes for an admin and less than 5 minutes for every user. Installation is a simple process and If you have any queries or require any assistance, our team of experts is always available to help.

Offline Time Request

Track productive hours spent away from the computer with Desklog’s offline time tracking feature. Desklog will note the idle time when you’re not on your computer and let you manually log it as offline productive, unproductive, or neutral time. So no minute spent working is overlooked. And employers can be aware of employee’s productivity, even when they are not in front of their computers.

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App Tracking
shift management

Employee shift management

Use Desklog’s shift management feature to keep track of your employee shifts. You can plan and schedule shifts with ease and monitor the productivity and attendance of your shift workers. Managers can make sure that all employees get equal shift times and problems such as understaffing, overstaffing, and time wastage can be prevented. Get functionalities of dedicated shift management apps like automatic shift rotation, 24*7 coverage, time zone setting, and much more from Desklog’s shift management.

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Camera Capture

Know if your employees are in front of their screens during work hours with the Camera Capture feature of Desklog. Capture images of what is happening in front of the screens of your workers at regular intervals. With this, you can make sure that your remote teams are being productive during their working hours. The Camera Capture feature makes it easy to manage remote teams, examine possible fraudulent activities, and keep an extra eye on certain workers.

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Camera Capture

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