Time Request

Time Request

Time Request feature of our efficient time tracking software empowers users to transform their idle time or offline time, which are spent away from the system, into valuable productive hours. This can be achieved with the approval of the admin. This feature proves to be a valuable tool for businesses ensuring peak productivity.

Improve Accountability

Enhance Productivity

Flexibility and Remote Work Support

Efficient Workflow Management

Why a Time Tracking Software Needs Time Request Feature

A Time Request Feature in time tracking software like Desklog serves several important purposes, which are crucial for ensuring accurate time recording, minimizing mistakes in recorded time, and enhancing overall productivity.

1. Accurate Time Recording

Employees may forget to log their work hours accurately, leading to discrepancies in time records. The Time Request Feature allows employees to request time entries or adjustments, reducing the likelihood of human error in recording work hours. As such, Desklog’s Time Request Feature ensures that employees can record their work hours as they happen.

2. Avoid Mistakes in Recorded Time

Employees may sometimes need to take breaks or handle non-work tasks during their working hours. The Time Request Feature in Desklog enables them to categorize these breaks accurately, ensuring that non-productive time is properly accounted for. This reduces the chances of inaccuracies in time records.

3. Add Away Time to Productive

By allowing employees to request away time, Desklog helps managers allocate resources more efficiently. For example, if an employee needs to attend a meeting or has a scheduled absence, this information can be factored into project planning and resource allocation to ensure that productive time is maximized.

Start Simplifying Time Requests Now.

Optimize Productivity with Desklog’s Time Request Feature

Efficiently Manage & Track Official Meeting Time

It’s a streamlined solution for tracking time away from the system or office for official purposes. As such, Desklog gives businesses the ability to effectively measure and manage user time.

Manage Productive Away Time with Time Request

Users can request both productive and non-productive away time on Desklog. With the help of time request feature, users may make the most of their free time and avoid wasting it.

Customizable Time Request

Desklog provides an intuitive user interface that enables users to submit personalized time requests, describing the task’s nature (work-related or non-work-related) and the total duration of requested time conversion.

False Proof Time Tracking

The automated time tracking feature tracks idle time, offline time, and private time, no matter the reason. Desklog’s time request feature transforms non-productive time into productive time and vice versa.