Count Your Each Hour With Freelance Time Tracking Software

Desklog is here to revolutionize the way you handle your freelancers. In this business world every minute counts, and we understand the importance of maximizing your time to achieve optimal results. Our innovative software empowers freelancers like you to take control of your time, enabling you to seamlessly track your work hours and effortlessly manage your projects.

Earn A High Income

Enhance your productivity, get more work done, thus improved profit margin.

Get Auto Reports

Automate various reports on productivity & project milestone to bill your client seamlessly.

Eliminate The Time Leakage

Discover the unwanted effort spent and free up your time.

Don’t let time slip away—start tracking and optimizing your freelance hours today!

Freelance Time Tracking With Desklog

Maximize your productivity as a freelancer with our specialized time tracking for freelancers solution. Effectively manage your freelancers by accurately tracking their working hours using our integrated automated time tracking feature. Our user-friendly interface ensures seamless recording and tracking of your time spent on different tasks and projects, all centered around efficient time tracking for freelancers. Elevate your freelance game and take control of your time like never before with our tailored time tracking solution.

Key Desklog Features Offered For Freelance Time Tracking

Track Task & Handle Your Project

Calculate your actual time spent on each task and projects with project time tracking. Analyze the current status of each project/tasks, and project progress. And with the recorded data estimate the time & effort required for upcoming projects.

Easy Invoice Generation

Desklog Freelance time tracking software is built to ease the invoicing & billing processes by utilizing automated productivity reports. The tracked hours are utilized to effortlessly customize invoices and efficiently charge customers for your services.


Most of the customers don’t understand how much time is required to complete each project milestone. Generate an accurate and detailed report with Desklog to check the effort spent on each task and to justify freelancer efforts.

Record Offline Time

Track and record your workings even when there is unstable or no network connection with the offline tracking feature. Desklog also restores all the data when the network is back, ensuring that no data is lost during the period of instability.


1How can time tracking benefit my freelance business?

Time tracking can greatly benefit your freelance business. By accurately tracking the time you spend at work, you gain insights on what you work in a day. This ultimately increases your productivity. Now, tracking time spent on each project, ensures fair compensation. Using time tracking software provides you many more advantages.

2Why is time tracking important for freelancers?

With time tracking for freelancers, you gain enhanced productivity and efficiency by understanding how you spend your time during work hours. Identifying productivity patterns enables you to optimize your workflow and improve time management skills. By accurately tracking your time, you can ensure accurate invoicing and billing, maintaining fair compensation. Moreover, time tracking fosters a better work-life balance, allowing you to allocate time effectively and avoid burnout. Overall, time tracking software is indispensable for freelancers to achieve success in their freelance endeavors.

3Can I track time spent on specific projects or tasks?

Of course, you can. With the feature project time tracking, you can not only track the time spent on each project/tasks, but also track project progress, current status of each project/tasks. And for freelancers, this feature acts as a valuable feature to enhance their productivity and success in the freelance industry.

4Can I track time across multiple clients and projects simultaneously?

Yes, with time tracking software, you can track time across multiple clients and projects simultaneously. Time tracking software is designed to help you manage and track your time across various tasks, clients, and projects in an efficient and organized manner.