Automated Time Tracking Software For Call Centers

Desklog, a tailored time tracking solution designed for call centres to simplify the process of tracking and managing productivity. This solution seamlessly allows you to optimize scheduling for smoother operations. With Desklog, you can effortlessly enhance productivity and streamline your call centre operations.

Attendance Management

Gain valuable insights into agent attendance with precise reports generated on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, enabling you to effectively manage workforce scheduling and optimize operational efficiency.

Effective Call Centre Management

Gain clear visibility into your call centers employees’ web activities and enhance accountability while optimizing performance. Our customizable services ensure that your clients receive the finest treatment they deserve.

Real-time Tracking

Manage your workforce effectively with real-time tracking. This provides valuable insights into call volumes and patterns. Managers can identify peak hours, days, or weeks and allocate resources accordingly.

Productivity and Efficiency

Time tracking software track how agents spend their time during their working hours. This accurate data help the workforce identify the areas where they need additional training, thereby increasing productivity & efficiency.

Comprehensive Reports

Keep record of all the data recorded by the time tracking software. This records generated by time tracking enable call centers to enhance efficiency, make informed decisions, and provide an exceptional customer experience.

Workload Distribution

By tracking work hours, the managers can plan agent shifts accordingly to maintain optimal staffing levels. Consequently, it helps balance the workload, prevent agent burnout, and upholding customer service standards.

How to Supercharge Your Call Centers Efficiency with
Desklog’s Time Tracking Software?

Desklog is recognized as one of the top call centre software solutions, primarily because of its advanced features and the seamless automation it offers for call centre activities. With Desklog’s precise time tracking for call centers, you gain the ability to track and manage the duration of calls, ensuring accurate records and facilitating efficient resource allocation within your call centers environment.

Enhance your call center’s efficiency with advanced time tracking.

Improve Your Call centre Productivity

By accurately tracking the time spent on calls, breaks, and other non-productive activities, call centre managers can identify patterns and address potential issues promptly. Additionally, the system can aid in absence management by providing real-time visibility into agent availability. This empowers managers to make data-driven decisions, and foster a productive work environment.

Optimize Call Centers Performance and Profitability

Enhance call centre performance and profitability by examining employee and team performance. Desklog leverages behavioral insights to identify productivity factors and enables you to create an ecosystem that maximizes your employees’ peak performance. By incorporating time tracking for call centers, you can optimize operations and drive greater success.

Automatically Track Time

With features like employee attendance and absence management, the software can automatically track the time employees spend working. It captures clock-in and clock-out times, ensuring accurate recording of working hours. Moreover, the software can handle offline requests for time off, allowing employees to submit their absence requests even when not connected to the system. By automating the time tracking process, call centers can streamline operations, reduce administrative burden, and ensure accurate payroll calculations.

Enhance Your Service Quality Using Key Insights

Time tracking for call centers accurately tracks the time spent on calls, where agents can effectively manage their workload and ensure timely responses to customer inquiries. Managers can analyze all metrics related to agents in the call centres to identify training needs, streamlining processes, and implementing strategies to deliver a better customer experience.

Effectively manage your Remote team

By accurately tracking hours worked, managers can hold team members accountable for their time and minimize time theft or unproductive activities. The software also enables productivity analysis, allowing managers to gain insights into how their remote team spends their time during working hours. Ultimately, time tracking software helps streamline operations, increase productivity, and effectively manage remote teams in call centers.


1Why is time tracking important for call centres?

Time tracking in call centres is essential for improving productivity, optimizing workforce management, evaluating agent performance, enhancing customer service, and facilitating accurate compensation. It provides valuable data that helps call centre managers make informed decisions and continuously improve their operations.

2What features should I look for in a call centre time tracking software?

When looking for a time tracking software for your call centres, you have to look for some key features like call logging, activity tracking, real-time tracking, mobile accessibility, customization and scalability, reporting and analytics, and security.

3Does the time tracking software support tracking time for remote or work-from-home call centre agents?

Yes, time tracking software support tracking time for remote or work-from-home call centre agents. In fact, time tracking is essential for call centres with remote teams.

4Is it possible to track time for different call centre campaigns or projects separately?

Yes, time tracking software enables you to rack various call centre campaigns and projects through its diverse range of features.