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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What payment methods are supported?
  • How to sign up?
  • Is Desklog available for free?
  • How can I upgrade or downgrade my pricing plan?
  • Can I switch from Cloud to Hosted?
  • Who can access my Snapshots?

We offer credit card payments and bank transfer for our services.
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To get started with Desklog, navigate to and then click on sign up on the top right corner of the home page. Enter the details to register and click on Start Free Trial. Check out the step by step guide on How to Sign Up.To get 40 days Free Trial with all features you can sign up Now. No credit card required.Sign up now

Yes, Desklog has a 40 day Free Trial with all Features, which you can avail without a credit card. Desklog also offers a Free plan for teams with upto 10 members, including features such as Automatic Time Tracking, Attendance Management, Absence Calendar, Offline Time tracking, and Idle Time tracking

Once you click the subscribe button on the top of the Admin dashboard, it opens up the billing page indicating the billing period, pricing plan, the number of team members added. You can switch the billing period by clicking “Switch To Yearly +” or “Switch To Monthly-“. The “+” sign indicates you can upgrade and the “-” sign indicates you can downgrade your pricing plan.

Yes, you can switch from cloud to self hosted version with complete data. If you switch to the free edition, we charge $90. If you switch to any other edition, we import the data from the cloud for free.

Snapshot is a premium feature in Desklog that can only accessed by admin/manager of your organization.

On-Premise Automated Time Tracking Software

Are you seeking a way to have more control over your data? Or do you require strict compliance? If that's the case, Desklog's self-hosted automated time tracking software has similar features as our cloud solution and can be easily implemented on your own servers.

Quick, Easy Installation Process
Government & Industry Compliant
White Label Solution
Complete Control of Your Data
Easy Data Storage
24x7 Customer Support

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Why Choose On-Premise
Increased security

Always be in complete control of your data without depending on any third parties.


The software can be scaled to accommodate hundreds of employees and projects.


Owning all the data helps you always be compliant with regional and company laws.

Get Desklog on your own hosted service

Desklog’s on-premise automatic time tracking software is easy to implement and custom-made
for companies desiring better flexibility and command over their data.

Hardware Requirements

The following are the recommendations and minimum system requirements for Desklog on-premise implementation. Desklog will be running on one server which will also host all the required external services.

Specification for 100 employees:
  • RAM: 8 -12 GB
  • 2 CPUs
  • 100-500GB Storage - preferred SSD
Specification for 500 employees:
  • RAM: 12-16 GB
  • 4 CPUs
  • 100-500GB Storage - preferred SSD

Preferred OS is Ubuntu server 18.04

Software Requirements

Desklog server should have the following pre-installed software:

  • Docker 20.10.X

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, switching from cloud to on-premise deployment is possible. Contact Desklog support for more details about the migration.

Desklog on-premise automated time tracking software can be implemented within two weeks.

24x7 support for Desklog on-premise automated time tracking software version is provided online by our support team.

Maintenance and support cost is free for the first year , but from the second year onwards there will be an annual maintenance cost.

Yes, you may white label Desklog and, if necessary, customize it according to your needs.

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