How to set up my account (Sign up, Download, Launch)?

1. How To Set Up The Desklog System?

Follow below steps to set up Desklog

1. Sign Up

Open the Desklog home page and click on the Sign-Up button as shown in the below screenshot.

This will redirect to the “ Get Started With 30 Days Free Trial Now!” page and enter the following details to sign up as shown in the below screenshot.

Get Started with 40 days free trial

After entering the above details, click on the Start Free Trial button to start registration.

2. Registration Steps

Follow the below steps to get registered successfully.

Step 1

Choose either to create the organization account or freelancer account as shown in the below screenshot. Let’s Start With Your Organization.

Register step_2

Step 2

Enter the following details to create a new organization or freelancer account.

Registration step_3

Enter the details like Organization Name, choose the Industry from the drop down menu (IT/Finance/Marketing/Other) and Team Size to create the organization account. After entering the details click on the next button.

Note: To create a freelancer account, no need to enter organization name.

Step 3

Invite Team key Member To Track Their Productivity

Enter the email id of the team members to send the invite. Enable the checkbox to send an invite as shown in the below screenshot. The team members will receive the link to get registered.

Registration step_4

After entering the details, click on the next button.

Step 4

Download the Desklog App

Once registered successfully, it shows the pop up message “Registration Completed Successfully” as shown in the below screenshot. The final step is to download the Desklog app. To download the app, please refer to section 7 for reference.

Registration step_5

Click on the continue button it opens up the admin dashboard of the created team as shown in the below screenshot.

Desklog Dashboard

The verification mail and account activated email are sent with login details to the registered email address.

3. Verification Mail


Click on the “confirm your email address” button as shown in the above screenshot. The below screenshot of the confirmation message gets displayed.

Desklog_mail verified

4. Account Activated Mail

Account activated email is received to the registered email with the login link as shown in the below screenshot.


Click on the login-link to login to the admin dashboard as shown in the screenshot under registration
step 4.

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