How to Setup Desklog?

1. How To Set Up The Desklog System?

Follow below steps to set up Desklog

1. Sign Up

Open the Desklog home page and click on the “Start Free” button as shown in the below screenshot.

This will redirect to the registration form and enter the following details to sign up as shown in the below screenshot.

Get Started with 40 days free trial

After entering the above details, click on the “Start Free” button to start the registration process.

2. Registration

Follow the below steps to get registered successfully.

Step 1

You can choose your account type, either “organization account” or “freelancer account” from here as in the below screenshot.

Register step_2

Step 2

Enter the following details as provided in the below screenshot to create your account.

Registration step_3

To set up account, provide your organisation/your name, select the industry from the options of IT, Finance, Marketing or other, and indicate the team size. Once you have entered these details, click the “Next” button to proceed.

Note:It is not necessary to provide the name of the organization when setting up a freelancer account.

Step 3 (Optional)

To invite team members, enter their name & email addresses Then, select the checkbox to send them an invitation, as shown in the below screenshot. Once the invitation is sent, the team members will receive a link to register.

Registration step_4

After entering the details, click on the next button.

Step 4

After completing the registration process, you can either select “Webtimer” or “Download Desklog”.

Registration step_5

Once the registration is completed, you will receive two emails at the provided email address. The first email will contain a verification link, and the second will provide login details of your verified account.

3. Verification Mail


To confirm your email address, click the “confirm your email address” button, as illustrated in the screenshot above. After clicking it, the confirmation message shown in the screenshot below will appear.

Desklog_mail verified

4. Account Activated Mail

Account activated email is received to the registered email with the login link as shown in the below screenshot.


Once the process is completed, you will be directed to the admin dashboard of the account that you have created, as depicted in the below screenshot.

Desklog Dashboard

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