How To Apply for a Leave Using Desklog Leave Management Feature ?

Find the Absence Calender Section On dashboard Select the date on which leave to be applied, and click on it Fill out the leave form and click save Admin can Approve/ Reject applied leave on their dashboard

How Desklog Work Scheduler Works?

How to Add a shift Managers can add shifts from their Desklog admin dashboard. Click on attendance on the dashboard and select the Work schedule option from the dropdown menu. All the details of the shifts can be managed here. … Continued

How Invoice and Billings Works?

Only the admin or Desklog owner can Customise Invoice and Billing. 1. Login to Dashboard, go to settings 2. From settings select modules 3. From the module settings, click Enable Billing. Select the Billing type you need: monthly, hourly or … Continued

How Desklog Project Management Works?

Click on My Task menu to view and manage all assigned tasks of the user as shown in the below screenshot. There are four filters available at the top right corner as shown in the above screenshot. Click on the … Continued

How Desklog Screenshot Capturing Works?

1. Where to find the recorded or captured screen? Only the admin or the Desklog account owner will be able to view the screenshots captured. To find the captured screen go to the screenshot menu in the left panel of … Continued

How to view the reports of the team or user?

1.How to view the reports of the team or user? To view the reports of the user or the team, click on the highlighted “App Usage” main menu as shown in the below screenshot. Here you will be able to … Continued

How Leave Management Software Works?

Login to Desklog productivity tracking software and open your dashboard. On the left side of the dash board you can see a menu called Leave Management. Click on the Leave Management menu to view the sub-menus like Absence Calendar, Leave … Continued

How Desklog Timesheet Works?

Click on the Timesheet menu to view the three sub-menus like Overview, Time Request, and Work Schedule for accurate tracking & management of employee work hours and tasks. Overview Information on employees regarding clock-in, clock-out, total work time, and productive … Continued

How Does a Web Timer Work?

“Web Timer” feature is accessible to all free users. If you fall under the category of a free user or currently do not have any active plan, you may utilize the Web Timer as follows. From the Admin Dashboard, click … Continued

How to Upload My Profile Photo?

You can upload your photo in the profile section. Click on your name on the top right corner as shown in the below screenshot. Click on the profile pic display section under personal details pane as shown in the below … Continued