How to Set Up Task Notification?

Desklog gives notification when a task is assigned to users. To set up notification, follow the steps: Head on to ‘Setting’ from the admin dashboard. Go to ‘App Notification’. You will land on a page with the option to configure … Continued

How To Set Up Break Reminders With Desklog’s Break Notification Feature?

Desklog provides a Break Notification feature designed to remind users to take regular breaks during their workday. Here’s how to set it up: Go to ‘Setting’ from the admin dashboard. And Select ‘App Notification’ from the menu options. Click on … Continued

How to Set Up Desklog’s Overtime Alerts feature?

Desklog notifies users when they have reached their minimum working hours for the day. To enable Overtime alerts; From the dashboard, navigate to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘App Notification’. Then select ‘Overtime Alerts’ from the available options. Enable or disable … Continued

How Desklog Project Time Tracking Works?

Desklog Offers Project Time Tracking for tracking, recording, and managing projects. To access this feature, Login to Desklog app with the credentials. You will land in the Dashboard, from where you can; 1.Create Projects 2.Create Tasks 3.Bill Projects

How To Create Projects?

To create projects by yourself, click on ‘Project’ from Desklog App. Select ‘Project List’ sub menu. Click on ‘Create Project” from the dashboard. Then enter the following details; Project name: Enter the Project name Client name: Type in the Client … Continued

How to Create Tasks?

The admins can create tasks from the Desklog app by following these steps: Go to ‘Projects’ from the dashboard and select the ‘Project List’ sub menu. You can see the project’s details. Click on the project which you want to … Continued

How to Create Our Own Tasks?

Now, to create tasks, click on ‘My Task’ from the left panel of the dashboard. This will take you to the Task Dashboard. Enter the task name in the given space. Select the project and click on the ‘task’ button … Continued

How Project Billing Works?

Desklog allows you to set Project Billing rates in 3 types. You can set these billing types from Dashboard > Settings > Project. 1.Flat Rate Billing Bill your clients based on a fixed rate for individual projects. To bill for … Continued

How to Mark a Project as BIllable & Non Billable?

From the dashboard, go to the ‘My Task’ menu. Access to All Tasks, and click on the “$” icon to set each task as billable or non billable.

How to Download Project Timesheet?

From the Admin dashboard, go to ‘Project Timesheet’ under ‘Project Menu’. Then select the date range you want to download. Click on the ‘Export’ button to download the timesheet report.