Absence and Attendance Management

1. Where can I add away time for a specific employee? You can add away time for the specific employee under the Absence Calendar. Go to Attendance-> Absence Calendar menu. Then click on the “week” tab on the top right … Continued


1.What can I have with integration? With integrations, you will be able to integrate with external project management software like Jira and also have the option to integrate with Amazon S3 storage service. These integrations will help you to enhance … Continued


1.How to view the reports of the team or user? To view the reports of the user or the team, click on the highlighted “App Usage” main menu as shown in the below screenshot. Here you will be able to … Continued

Working Hours

1. How to set the working hours and working days of the employee? Go to Settings-> Working Hours, Here you will be able to set the working hours by entering the value like 8 hours or 9 hours in the … Continued


1. What payment methods are supported? We offer credit card payments and bank transfer for our services. 2. What is the price of Desklog? Desklog offers two packages like Desklog Lite, Desklog Pro. To view the price structure and the … Continued


1. What are the types of User roles? While registering a user, you can assign a role to the user as either Admin or Normal user. These are the two types of users that can be registered with the Desklog … Continued


1.How screen capturing feature can be enabled? Once the user is registered with the Desklog account, click on the action field action as highlighted in the below screenshot. You will be able to view the screenshot settings, here there is … Continued

General Settings

1. How can it be customized? We have a hosted version which you can customize as per your requirements for the project. 2. How to change the productivity status of any application? Only the admin or the Desklog account owner … Continued

What is project management software?

1. What is project management software? Project management software is a software which can be customized as per the need of an organization to keep a track of all resources, the task assigned, timelines, attendance management, project scope and finally … Continued

Basic Troubleshooting

1. How to change the password in Desklog? To change your password, click on the top right corner of your profile and click on the change password as shown in the below screenshot. Enter the new password and type once … Continued