Profit & Loss Configuration

To configure the profit & loss calculation, do follow the below steps.

Step 1

From the Dashboard, go to the project and navigate to the project list.

Step 2

Click & navigate to the specific project for which you want to set up the profit and loss configuration.

Step 3

Once inside the project, locate and click on the Settings section.

Step 4

Within the settings page, scroll down to find the section ‘ Profit Loss Configuration’.

Desklog calculates project profit & loss calculation in 4 methods:

  • Task spent vs Task assigned:This method compares the total time spent on tasks with the task assigned time.
  • Task spent vs Project estimated hours:This compares the task spent time with the project estimated hours.
  • Task assigned vs Project estimated hours:This type compares the task assigned time with the project’s estimated hours.
  • Task billable amount vs Task estimated amount:Calculates profitability by comparing the task billable amount with the estimated hours.

Click on the method you prefer to calculate the project’s profit and loss. The message ‘profit and loss calculation updated’ pops up.

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