Desklog Time Tracking Software

Desklog is a popular time tracking software with advanced project time tracking features that has been proven to increase employee productivity. It was officially introduced in 2019 and is dedicated to commitment, accountability, and transparency.

About Us

At Desklog, we don’t just track time, we supercharge it. Our software excels in tracking employee productivity, meticulously crafted to optimize performance and motivate teams to achieve their best. Desklog is equipped with exceptional features like automated time tracking, automated timesheet, project time tracking, web timer, idle time tracker & so on to help your organization work better & smarter. Start building the future of time tracking with Desklog!

How We Began Our Journey

Our software was initially developed for in-house use within our company. However, the pandemic prompted remote work, underscoring the software’s effectiveness. In response, we aimed to extend these benefits to other businesses. As a result, we began offering our software to various enterprises, receiving positive feedback. Thus, we not only met specific requests, but also enhanced the software with additional features, ensuring its future value.

Continuing our journey, we’ve now introduced an enhanced feature: Project Time Tracking. This valuable addition enables you to seamlessly monitor the progress of each project, precisely track the time invested in every task, and streamline the billing process for each project. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower your success in the changing business climate. Redefine employee productivity with Desklog!


2019 January : Birth of Desklog Time Tracking Software

The concept of developing a time tracking software was initiated during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

2020 February : Launched Desklog Automated Time Tracking Software.

We began operating Desklog time tracking software for the in-house employees. Consequently, it enabled tracking the time of the employees thereby driving them more productivity.


2020 April : The First Client On Board

We were delighted to have the first client on the board. Desklog is being used by over many satisfied clients to maximise their workday and accomplish more.

2021 January:Achieved Milestone of 1000+ Companies Registered

Desklog’s wings are spreading wider. We were overjoyed to begin the new year by reaching the breakthrough of signing up over 1000 enterprises.


2021 September :Third Party Integrations For Desklog

Desklog integration with external tools and development platforms helped in streamlining the firm’s work process. Hence, the tool has become customer friendly by integrating them

2022 February : Launched Our Version of On-Premise Software for Desklog

Desklog released a brand new version of on-premise to ensure greater and improved software accessibility. Furthermore, the updated version now includes many more features that can help increase employee productivity.


2022 March : Achieved Milestone of 3000+ Companies Onboard

Desklog accomplishes one of the most important goals of 2022, contributing another feather to the cap by signing up over 3000 companies.

2022 May : Launched Leave Management Feature

Desklog introduced a feature – leave management helping users to successfully address and find solutions pertaining to leave management.


2023 June : Project Time Tracking

Automated project time tracking, a pivotal feature in time tracking software, employs digital tools to effortlessly record and analyze task durations, optimizing efficiency and resource allocation within projects.

2023 September : Project Invoice and Billings

Desklog adds the invoice and billings feature mainly for freelance and outsource employees after consistent customer requests. Thus, this has enabled easy calculation of the payment.


Why Choose Us?

Desklog redefines productivity by going beyond time tracking, because your success deserves more than just minutes and hours. We offer a dynamic platform where efficiency meets ingenuity, transforming the way you work.

Increased Productivity
Experience a boost in productivity with our time tracking software helping you to organize your workflow like never before.
Automated Task & Time Tracking
Simplify your work process with our automated task and time tracking system, allowing you to focus on what matters most.
Accurate Billing
Secure precise and consistent billing by getting paid for what you deserve, and never miss out on billable hours again.
Project Time Tracking
From planning to execution, we offer real-time insights to optimize your team’s project to greater heights.
Reduced Errors
Ensure precision and avoid mistakes with us, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on your work without any worries.
Flexible Accessibility
Enjoy the freedom to track your time & manage your tasks from anywhere, anytime, with our accessible time tracking solution.