Desklog Time Tracking Software

Desklog is a popular time tracking software with ISO 27001:2013 certification that has been proven to increase employee productivity. It was officially introduced in 2019 and is dedicated to commitment, accountability, and transparency.

About Us

The software is perfect for tracking employee productivity because it is specially designed to increase employee productivity and inspire them to provide their best. Desklog is the only software that you will ever require because it works best for teams of all sizes and has all the functionality you require. Key capabilities include managing tracking employee productive time, staff attendance, app & URL tracking, screen monitoring, offline time tracking, and many more. An exemplary time-tracking software will help you in climbing the ladder to success. Come, change the game and build a future with us.

Our Story

The software was initially developed for internal use within our company. However, the rapid pandemic outbreak that required remote work let us realise the software’s potential and effectiveness. We therefore wanted other businesses to experience the capabilities and advantages of our software. As a result, we began to sell our software to several businesses, who were very pleased with it and requested that we add specific features. Hence, we began providing our software with customization options to better serve various customers.


2019 December : Launched Desklog automated Time Tracking Software & received ISO certification.

Desklog was launched in 2019 with the primary goal of boosting employee productivity through effective time tracking.

2020 January : In-House employees started using Desklog Time Tracking Software

We began operating Desklog time tracking software for the in-house employees. Consequently, it enabled tracking the time of the employees thereby driving them more productivity.


2020 April : The first client on board

We were delighted to have the first client on the board. Desklog is being used by over many satisfied clients to maximise their workday and accomplish more.

2020 December : Launched project management software (Beta Version)

Desklog launched a project management software to manage many projects in a simple manner. It assists the team in meeting all of the client’s requirements while also managing time, expenditure, and scope restrictions.


2021 January : Achieved milestone of 1000+ companies registered

Desklog’s wings are spreading wider. We were overjoyed to begin the new year by reaching the breakthrough of signing up over 1000 enterprises.

2021 September : Third party integration for Desklog PMT

Desklog integration with external tools and development platforms helped in streamlining the firm’s work process. Hence, the tool has become customer friendly by integrating them


2022 February : Launched our version of on-premise Desklog and delivered the project

Desklog released a brand new version of on-premise to ensure greater and improved software accessibility. Furthermore, the updated version now includes many more features that can help increase employee productivity.

2022 March : Achieved milestone of 3000+ companies registered

Desklog accomplishes one of the most important goals of 2022, contributing another feather to the cap by signing up over 3000 companies.


2022 May: Launched leave management feature

Desklog introduced a feature – leave management helping users to successfully address and find solutions pertaining to leave management.

2022 November : Invoice and billings

Desklog adds the invoice and billings feature mainly for freelance and outsource employees after consistent customer requests. Thus, this has enabled easy calculation of the payment.


Why choose us?

Extensive Experience
We have worked with several clients all over the world, making us equipped to help your business thrive.
Quality Enriched
We are dedicated to creating exceptional time tracking software that offers genuine value.
Desirable Customizations
Our software has the capability to customise the features to meet your specifications.
Attentive Approach
We will assure your changing requirements are satisfied and keep you notified about the same.
24/7 Service
To ensure that every consumer is entirely satisfied, we offer exceptional customer service 24/7.