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Manage your projects to stay profitable

Boost your team performance with Desklog project management software. It can help you adequately evaluate the scope of your projects and break down complex processes into manageable steps and plan each and every aspect.

Tracks Real-Time Projects

Desklog tracks projects including real-time spent on individual tasks. It keeps tabs on the record of the spent time on work, and progress in particular tasks or projects. you can effortlessly balance resources and track the performance of employees.

Create and Manage Boards

Improve collaboration among your teams with Desklog’s Board feature. Create boards for particular projects and easily add members to them. Develop a collective atmosphere for handling challenging projects.

Task Management

Efficiently manage your tasks from start to end with Desklog Task Management. Focus more on performing your tasks than managing them. Track important milestones, establish responsibilities, and accomplish tasks to boost productivity.

Workflow Management

Optimize everyday activities with Desklog’s Workflow Management features. Create custom workflows for projects and easily keep track of progress. Introduce instant visibility and management to your day-to-day processes.

Award Programs

Recognize the best performers in your team with leaderboards in multiple categories. The member with the most completed tasks among a board becomes Board Achiever and the employee with the most completed tasks overall becomes Taskmaster.

Our Software Improves
Overall Project Performance

Project – Plan your project, manage the resources, assign the task, review the reports, discuss with your team to increase the performance using the best project tracking software

Project Management in Agile methodology , better way to deal with big projects

Ticket System – Clients can raise issues/improvements within the software itself



Ticket System

Desklog third party Integrations

Desklog integrations with project management tools and development platforms can streamline your company’s workflow, by optimizing project and task tracking.

Amazon S3

Privacy & Data Security Highest Preference

We maintain top-level data security and privacy standards as per the law. Continuous time and effort are required to achieve and maintain high standards in data security. Desklog handles potentially confidential data and has implemented all the necessary steps to prevent security concerns.

System security
Data security
Network security
Secure hosting

Desklog – Project Management Software

Our project management software supports the entire software development life cycle. It supports the initiation process, project planning, project execution, maintenance and final closure.

Initiation Process
Project Planning
Project Execution
Performance Monitoring
Final Closure

Tracks Real-Time Projects

Desklog tracks real time projects with an activity rate tracker which provides real-time spent on individual projects. It tracks the record of the spent time on work, progress in particular tasks or projects. Helps to balance the resources and track the performance of employees.

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