Project Management Software

Project Time Tracking
Agile and Scrum
Task Management
Bug Tracking
Project Estimation
Create and Manage Boards
Task & Time Tracking
Workflow Management

Plan & Launch Project

Organise & launch projects and tasks to seamlessly track project performance. You can make your workflow adaptable & customizable to meet project needs.

Create Project

Add Boards

Manage Sprint

Report Bugs


Automated Task Tracking

Tasks will be executed in sophisticated sprints. Project backlog & bug fixing is done in a timely manner and automated tracking is possible for all your projects.

Assign tasks

Task status alert

Track time spent on tasks


Real Time Reports

Performance analysis and reporting are crafted to assure profitability estimation. Profit & loss forecasting can be made at any time during the project life cycle.

Automated timesheet

Estimate profit or loss

Export reports in excel/csv


Performance Appraisals

Motivate your employees by providing performance appraisals accompanied by employee work proof from Desklog to boost prodcutivity.

Proof of work

Time Spend report

Time allocated report

Connect with

Desklog Productivity

Automate project tracking with desklog productivity by switching to project status automatically. Make accurate payments for hours worked by creating bills.

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Desklog Third Party Integrations

Desklog integrations with project management tools and development platforms can streamline your company’s workflow, by optimizing project and task tracking.


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