Invoice and Billing

Invoice and Billing

Generate bills to employees by tracking their working hours. Calculate the payment on the basis of their working time to increase working productivity and bill them accordingly.

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Easy to calculate payments by tracking employees’ working hours
Proof of working hours in the hands of both admin and the employee
Make your investment on employees effective and valuable
Keeps your employees dedicated and motivated

Track Employees’ Productive Time

Active tracking of employees’ productive time in order to generate bills making them encouraged. Makes employees determined and focused on their work without any hindrance.

Customised Bill Generation

Generate bills hourly and make your employees productive by paying for the time they spend at work. A complete bill generation with different categories like allotted salary, salary deduction, and unpaid working hours along with a print option

Effective Payment

Bill payments are based on how much time employees spend working, either by tracking their time at work or productive time, hence making the invested payment effective. It helps to boost employees’ morale and motivation levels.

Advantages of Invoice and Billings

  • Generate payment bills accurately
  • Easy to calculate payments by tracking employees’ working hours
  • Avoid unnecessary disputes between the employees and the admin as there is proof of working hours
  • Assigned payments never go in vain as employees are only paid for the time they worked
  • Make your invested payments valuable