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Activity Tracking Software

Activity tracking software is a software designed to track and record various activities and performance metrics of employees during their work hours. Desklog time tracking software has revolutionized the way businesses keep tabs on their employees’ productivity and engagement levels. It empowers organizations to gain valuable insights into their employees’ work habits and effectiveness.

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What is Activity Tracking?

Activity tracking by utilizing a computer monitoring software is the tracking and recording of the actions performed on a computer, such as keyboard strokes, mouse movements, and application usage. Desklog tracks where, what, and how employees allocate their time at work, all while respecting their privacy.

How Activity Tracking Works?

Activity tracking software typically works by tacking and recording various aspects of an employee’s work activities during their designated work hours. These insights enable employees to focus on their work, enhancing overall productivity. Here’s an overview of how it works:

Data Collection

The software collects data from computer screens. The collected data includes the applications used, documents accessed, websites visited, keystrokes, and mouse movements.

Data Analysis

The collected data is then analyzed & categorized as productive work in software development tools and non-productive activities like social media browsing.

Time Tracking

Activity tracking software tracks the duration of each and every activity, creating a detailed timeline of how an employee spends their working hours.

Reports and Analytics

Users can access reports and analytics generated by the software, providing insights into time allocation, productivity trends, and areas that need improvement.

Privacy Considerations

To respect employee privacy, the software usually excludes sensitive data like personal details and credentials like emails or passwords.

Feedback and Improvement

Based on the insights gathered from activity tracking, managers and employees can enhance productivity through workflow optimization and informed decision-making.

Features of Activity Tracking Software

Activity Percentage Tracking

Activity percentage measures the proportion of keyboard and mouse strokes of each user during the total tracking time. This provides valuable insights into their level of engagement and productivity.

Mouse & Keyboard Activities

Desklog continuously tracks mouse and keyboard activity at specified intervals. This tracking functionality provides insights into employee productivity, task allocation, and workflow efficiency. By analyzing mouse and keyboard usage patterns, organizations can ensure that employees are effectively utilizing their work hours, ultimately leading to improved productivity, resource allocation, and overall operational effectiveness.

App & URL Tracking

Activity tracking software tracks all apps, URLs, and documents accessed by an employee. App & URL tracking facilitates the managers to know how their team spends their allocated work hours. It allows for an assessment of productivity levels, identification of non-productive activities, and detection of any potential misuse of company resources.

Screenshot Monitoring

Desklog captures screenshots of employees’ computer screens at specified time intervals. This will let employers know whether their employees are on the correct track or not. This feature helps employers to gain visual insights into activities and app usage. Desklog even notifies managers of suspicious screenshots.

How to Track Employee Activities Using Desklog?

Desklog simplifies the process of activity tracking by offering a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. Let’s get started on the path to enhanced productivity and performance evaluation.

Create Desklog Account

Login to Desklog from the website and create an account.

Download Desklog

Download Desklog app to start tracking employee activity.

Install Desklog

Install Desklog by simply following the straightforward setup process.

Add user

Add the users you wish to track and record their activity to Desklog.

User clock in

Once you have added your users, Desklog is all set to track from the clock in of an employee.

Track Activity

Tracks mouse & keyboard activities, app & URLs, and captures screenshots, every customized time interval.

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Why do Businesses Need Activity Tracking?

Productivity tracking

Activity tracking facilitated by computer monitoring software aids in effective work-hour utilization, enabling managers to pinpoint bottlenecks and inefficiencies for enhanced productivity.

Security and Compliance

Activity tracking aids in maintaining data security and ensuring regulatory compliance. It helps in tracking access to sensitive information and ensures that employees adhere to industry-specific regulations.

Identifying & Preventing Misuse

Activity tracking helps identify any misuse of company resources or violations of company policies. This includes identifying unauthorized software or website usage.

Performance Evaluation

Computer monitoring software gathers relevant data regarding user activities. These metrics are used in employee assessments helping in performance evaluations & setting performance-related goals.

Employee Engagement

When used transparently and responsibly, activity tracking fosters employee engagement by providing employees with insights into their own work habits and helping them make improvements.

Remote Work Management

With the rise of remote work, activity tracking has become essential for tracking remote employees. Tracking activity ensures they remain productive and connected to the organization’s goals


1.Can employers track employee activity?

To clock in means to record your arrival time at work, typically by punching a time clock; and to start working. When you clock out, you’re officially done with your shift.

2.What is the purpose of the activity tracker?

Activity tracker software serves several important purposes in the workplace, including: productivity analysis, identifying inefficiencies, employee performance evaluation, transparency, and accountability.

3.How can I monitor employee activity on my computer?

Tracking employee activity on a computer is a sensitive and complex task that should be approached with caution and in compliance with legal and ethical standards. However, Desklog, as a computer monitoring software, can track employee activities without invading their privacy.

4. How activity tracking benefits remote teams?

Activity tracking benefits both the remote teams and the employers by providing transparency, accountability, and productivity insights through the use of a computer monitoring software. This helps managers and employees stay connected, improve time management, and enhance overall team performance.

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