Manage and Measure Productivity

How to Manage and Measure Productivity Among Remote Workers

October 11, 2021

At the beginning of the pandemic, most companies were mounted with stress. The shift in the work culture brought ambiguity to everything they have practiced to that date. Many reacted to this shift in different ways. Some had to make war with their inner demons. But for others, self-discipline and creativity came naturally irrespective of whether they were working in-house or not. When the pandemic is still lurking around, most companies are still lost on understanding.

You don’t necessarily have to open the doors of your office and expose your team to the risk of the virus. There are always solutions for every challenge. Here are some ways you can Manage and Measure Productivity Among Remote Workers.

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Cloud Documentation and communication

Remote work is hard, especially for effective communication and collaboration. Seeking advice and feedback from colleagues who are more experienced can get hard and time consuming. Even working on a team project can get extremely hard if team players are scattered far and wide.

This is where cloud-based software comes to our rescue. Coupling all the documents that are needed to be assessed by more than one person at work can get easier to access and edit if supported with cloud-based document storage.

Using highly efficient cloud based software for teleconferencing and telecommuting.

Transparency, and Flexibility

Transparency to your team is necessary for gaining the trust and support to boost productivity. Merely implementing your decisions on your team won’t get their sincere effort in getting tasks done. Being transparent about the company’s intentions, goals and liabilities would help the employees to be more understanding about the pits and hardships the companies go through.

The social isolation that comes with remote working has been reported to have worsened mental health. The social isolation situation fuelled by the struggle of balancing work and home life has brought many workers to their resignation. Finding schedules and targets could work best is the best way you can harbor the best results from your team.

Hire Right

Hiring the right people who have the necessary integrity self-discipline, efficiency, and brilliance to get targets done can save a lot of energy spend in bringing employees to their optimum productivity.

Key Performance Indicators

Productivity is directly related to business growth It is easier to measure the productivity of in-house workers but it is hard to monitor the productivity when workers work remotely. This requires efficient tools and management to manage and Measure Productivity Among Remote Workers.

Following are some of the core Key Performance Indicators you can use for tracking remote team productivity.

Sales Performance Metrics

Sales Per Rep

Sales per Rep gives the estimate about the productivity and how efficiently team’s were able to make sales This is a Key Performance measurement that gives the company details about how many sales a remote employee could make.

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This gives enough information required by the management to track the efficiency of such employees. Sales Per Rep gives the employer a close estimate about the performance and productivity only if factors like seniority, experience, customer base, and the resources available to employees are taken into account.

Revenue Per Sales Agent

If one of your remote sales agents could make a large number of small revenue sales, can he be considered productive for your sales team? Not always !!. A remote sales agent closing a sales deal with a larger revenue can be more productive than a ton of sales with less revenue

Lead To Win Conversion Rate

Lead to Win Conversion RAte is measured by calculating the number of closed deals against the number of leads.

This is a KPI that can give you an estimate about how effective your sales team is with closing the deals.

Here is the list of other KPIs that can help in measuring the performance and productivity of your employees and team.

Marketing Performance Metrics such as Website Lead Conversion Rate, Overall Engagement and Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI)

Support Performance Metrics such as Call Volume, Average Speed To Answer and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

HR Performance Metrics such as Profit, Expenses and Annual Employee Turnover Rate

How to Adopt Remote Work & Track productivity – Prevent COVID19 Crisis

Managing Productivity of Creatives

A quick random curious question shared in your team at the office can bloom into a half an hour conversation. This can open ways for new ideas and innovations for you.

There is less discipline in work from home culture bringing ambiguity from your everyday work life. This brings little space for creatives to be peaceful enough to get their inner orchestra to work.

Self-doubt can be at times a stubborn companion of creatives. Giving consistent feedbacks and appreciation could give them the needed adrenaline rush to bloom their creativity.

But such feedback mustn’t end up being too critical. This can harm the creative freedom that creatives require the best.

The only way to measure productivity of creatives is the creativity in their final product. There are no other shortcuts to it.

Learn about How to Track Employees Working from Home?

Implement employee productivity Software such as Desklog.

Implementing productivity tools can radically change the productivity of your employees.

Features of productivity monitoring tools like Deslog has brilliant features that can bring the best efficiency from your team. Some of the features provided by Desklog are

Consistent Productivity Boosting activities that include

  • Automated Time Tracking
  • Automated Screenshot
  • App/URL Tracking
  • Document title tracking
  • Idle time Tracking
  • Offline Time Tracking
  • Absence Calendar

Implementing Automated Time Tracking tools as Desklog can bring Self Discipline to your employees that can further save them from self guilt and procrastination. Moreover, it can bring a healthy business operation to your company that decreases backlogs and reduce the time spend by the management in managing the employees to harbor more productivity,

Our Judgement

Productivity from each employee should not mean getting their work done for the office after being mined out of all their energy leaving them tired, fed out, and burned out.

But Time tracking Software are necessary to prevent employees from tricking their employers when working remotely.

Productivity should be measured for each without harboring the energy out of their life outside the office. But there are always ways to instill healthy productivity among your employees that can help your company reach its business goals with a productive remote workforce at its back.

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