Month: April 2020

Desklog Integrated With Jira Project Management


Are you looking for hassle-free and automated productivity or time tracking software for your Jira project management tool? Or would you like to integrate your bug tracking or issue tracking Jira software with time tracking or productivity tracking software? Yes! you are at the right place to know that Desklog is integrated with the Jira … [Continue reading]

Desklog Is Available For Mac


We are glad to announce that our productivity software, Desklog is available for the Mac operating system. Yes! here you can experience the benefits of this Employee Tracking Software-Desklog with the Mac operating system. Desklog is the best Employee Productivity Tracking Software What is Desklog – Employee Tracking Software? Desklog is the productivity software solely … [Continue reading]

Advantages Of Using An Employee Productivity Tracking Software in your Company


Be it any kind of job, an employer or business entrepreneur always expects their employees to be productive on their assigned work. Both employees and the employer should be aware of the advantages of using employee productivity tracking software in their organization. This helps them to know how to improve their working style to enhance … [Continue reading]