Month: October 2023

Transitioning from Traditional Project Management Software to Project Tracking Tools


The shift from traditional project management software to project tracking tools is a crucial step for modern businesses seeking streamlined and efficient project oversight. And the reason? While traditional software often lacks the agility and real-time insights required for today’s dynamic project environments, project tracking tools offer enhanced collaboration, customizable reporting, and intuitive interfaces. As … [Continue reading]

Manage Your Projects Efficiently with Desklog New Project Dashboard


Attention Readers!!! We are absolutely thrilled to unveil our latest innovation – introducing the new Project Dashboard! It’s time to say hello to the future of efficient project tracking. And the best part? Our time tracking software has inbuilt project time tracking capabilities where keeping tabs on your projects and employees has never been easier. … [Continue reading]

Best Clock-In Clock-Out Apps in 2024


Running and managing a business can be quite challenging, as it involves handling numerous responsibilities, including balancing multiple goals, meeting deadlines, overseeing finances, and much more. Managers typically find it undesirable to have a large pile of time sheets at their work desk. But, time management is no longer a hassle; it’s a snap with … [Continue reading]