Month: January 2021

Top 20 Productivity and Time Tracking Apps in 2022


It is undeniable that you need to manage your time well to enhance your business productivity. The benefits of advanced technology-based tools like time management apps are ample to manage employee time and accomplish your task by interacting with the team, performing on the assigned task, enhancing your skill set productivity, and optimizing the resources … [Continue reading]

DeskTime Vs Hubstaff


While using our automated remote monitoring tool – Desklog, you would also be interested to know about other remote monitoring tools such as Desktime, Hubstaff, etc. A comparison of Desktime Vs Hubstaff would help you to find which one is better according to your business requirements. Observe the parameters like Basic Information, Features, Pricing, Review/Rating, … [Continue reading]

Tips To Effectively Manage Remote Employees


Now due to the current pandemic COVID-19, the environmental circumstance has changed to such an extent that it became mandatory for everyone to stay isolated and work remotely. Yes! It is time to think about the tips to effectively manage remote employees. But If you have never planned for this situation, it is already late … [Continue reading]