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Download Desklog productivity client app for Windows, Mac and Linux to avail the features such as time tracking with automatic screenshots to manage your remote team. Select platform from the below drop-down and download employee monitoring app and start tracking employee productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the features available in Desklog Employee Tracking Software?
  • Is it accessible remotely?
  • How to sign up?
  • Is Desklog available for free?
  • How can I upgrade or downgrade my pricing plan?

Desklog Employee Monitoring Software comes along with the following features:

Yes, it is accessible remotely. It can be accessed from anywhere using the internet and the authorized person will be able to track the team.

To get started with Desklog, navigate to and then click on sign up on the top right corner of the home page. Enter the details to register and click on start free trial. Check out the step by step guide on How to Sign Up.

Yes, you can Download Desklog and use it for free for 40 Days, and then to continue the usage, you can subscribe it from your Desklog account.

Once you click the subscribe button on the top of the Admin dashboard, it opens up the billing page indicating the billing period, pricing plan, the number of team members added. You can switch the billing period by clicking “Switch To Yearly +” or “Switch To Monthly-“. The “+” sign indicates you can upgrade and the “-” sign indicates you can downgrade your pricing plan.