Project Time Tracking

Automated Project Time Tracking

Effortless Project Tracking, Ultimate Project Efficiency!

Project time tracking is the process of keeping track of the time spent on various tasks and projects. Desklog time tracking software simplifies the complexities of this process by providing real time tracking. This feature empowers users to achieve their project goals efficiently and with greater precision.

No more manual Time tracking

Accurate Project Timesheet

Transparent Project Billing

Project Profit Loss Calculation

What does Desklog Project Time Tracking Software do?

Desklog Project time tracking software tracks the time spent on each project and task through an automated time tracker. It goes beyond tracking, by recording the realtime progress, and documenting the tracked data in the project timesheet. These data insights help managers in billing clients for the productive hours spent on doing work. Moreover, this visibility aids project managers, team members, and organization to make informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

Experience the Future of Project Time Tracking with Desklog – Your Path to Enhanced Productivity!

Seamless Project Tracking with Desklog

Effectively manage your team’s workload by creating and assigning tasks to each member. It offers real-time reporting for each project, including task time allocation, automatic project time tracking, and task progress updates, thus making us the best time tracking software. This tool can streamline your project management process and ensure every team member has clear objectives. These robust features help you optimize productivity and make sure your project gets done on time and within your budget.

1. Create Projects

Seamlessly initiate new projects and set them a fixed rate, if you are billing clients for hours worked on an entire project.

2. Create Tasks

Break down projects into tasks, and set specific rates for each task and mark them as billable or non billable.

3. Assign Tasks

Distribute tasks to each member in the team effortlessly, fostering a harmonious workflow that leads to project success.

4. Track Task Timeline

Track task progression over time, gaining insights into project dynamics that aid in meeting deadlines with confidence.

5. Get Task Timesheet

Detailed timesheets with an overview of time invested in the project, facilitating accurate reporting &informed decision-making.

6. Billable and Non Billable hours

Distinguish between billable & non-billable hours, enhancing transparency for fair & efficient project billing.