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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the features available?
  • How it can be customized?
  • How does it help in business?
  • What is project management software?
  • To whom this software will be helpful?
  • Difference between Project management and Task management software.
  • Should I prefer any demo for this?
  • Is it accessible remotely?
  • Is it white label software?
  • How to sign up?
  • What payment methods are supported?
  • How about privacy and data security?
  • How can I upgrade the Edition?
  • How can I downgrade from Enterprise to Professional?
  • Can I switch from Cloud to Hosted?

Desklog features include task management, project planning, project scheduling, attendance management, bug tracking, evaluation, screen monitoring. Please click on the features menu on our homepage to view in detail.

We have a hosted version which you can customize as per your requirements for the project.

As it tracks the real time spent by an individual on the task assigned. In overall, it helps in evaluating the real-time productivity and hence enhances the quality of work. Customer satisfaction is completely based on the quality of the work and so it ensures success in the business.

Project management software is a software which can be customized as per the need of an organization to keep a track of all resources, the task assigned, timelines, attendance management, project scope and finally can view the project deliverables with real-time productivity.

Project management software will be helpful to IT and non-IT organizations. It widely used in the software development company, E-commerce industry, Healthcare industry etc

Project management is used by large scale organizations where they are limited to projects and any particular task. Task management software is used where any particular task is repeatedly done on a monthly basis.

Yes, you can try a free demo.

Yes, it is accessible remotely. It can be accessed from anywhere using internet and the authorized person will be able to track the project.

Yes, it is a white label software. You can use your own brand name in Project Management Software. We also provide self hosted under your brand.

To get started with Desklog, navigate to desklog.io and then click on sign up on the right top corner of home page. Enter the details to register and enable the subscriptions. Finally click on Submit button to Sign up. For more details please view the desklog help guide.

We offer credit card payments and bank transfer for our services.

We are very much committed to privacy and data security. We comply with Desklog user terms of service. Please go through Desklog user Terms of Service

You can easily upgrade just by selecting an upgrade option and you will be switched to the higher package.

To downgrade, you can choose change plan from the account settings under your profile. Please note that you will no longer available to use the enterprise features and support.

Yes, you can switch from cloud to self hosted version with complete data. If you switch to free edition, we charge $90. If you switch to any other edition, we import the data from cloud for free.