Time Tracking for Insurance

Automated Time Tracking For Insurance employees

Better manage Insurance employees

Boost productivity and Meet Deadlines

Since this is an industry with employees working 24/7 on documents, projects, and agreements that can even be binding for decades or for a lifetime, monitoring their jobs for productivity, accountability, and integrity are important.

Enhance Transparency

Insurance employees must be frequently monitored as they handle sensitive documents all the time. This is possible through the document title tracking, app usage tracking, and automated screenshot features of Desklog.

Document Title Tracking

This feature of Desklog can help to track which document the employee is working on and the time spent on each document.

App Usage Tracking

The app usage tracking feature helps to track which software or browser the employee is using in real time.

Automated Screenshot

Automated Screenshots are helpful to remove intentional or unintentional misrepresentations while dealing with important documents and authentications.

Easily track overtime

Tracking overtime gets easy when Desklog is used. It helps by providing accurate accounts of time worked by your employees.

  • Ensure productivity regardless of location
  • Monitoring customer service Removes delay
  • Tracking time per employee,task,project and client
  • Can easily track the progress of task related to a client
  • Can keep track record of how each client was handled
  • Tracking costs
  • Brings Transparency
  • Classify tasks
  • Easily tracks employee shifts
  • Overtime information
  • It is permissible and legal
  • Eliminate Empty