Time Tracking Software For Banking

Enhance productivity and accountability in your bank employees.

How can Banking firms benefit from time tracking software?

Identify unproductive practices and distractions

Banks can use time tracking to keep track of how much productive and idle time each employee spends at their desk. It can also show you the tasks on which they are actively working.

Powerful algorithms to Measure Productivity

Working long hours does not necessarily mean that an employee is producing results or being productive. Desklog not only tracks the employee’s working hours but sums up the productive hours worked.

Improves Transparency of Banking Companies

Banking employees have to comply with many rules and regulations concerning the documents they handle. Desklog’s document title tracking and the automated screenshot feature can help improve transparency.

Seamlessly Manage Attendance and Shifts

Desklog time tracking software has integrated fingerprint biometric clock-in/out and time tracking mobile applications with geo-fencing that helps to accurately track employee clock-ins and outs.

Cloud-based Monitoring

Desklog’s cloud-based system provides advanced options for monitoring and managing employees dispersed over a bank’s multiple branches.

On-Premise deployment of the Tracking system

The on-premise alternative of Desklog can provide banks with additional data security. All data will be stored on the bank’s servers without involving any third parties.

Accurately Reward Overtime

Over time working can happen frequently in banks due to their nature of work. Time tracking software can give accurate calculations of overtime worked by banking employees.

Follow up on Important tasks and activities

Bank employees constantly have important responsibilities, and failing to complete any of these could have serious consequences. They can benefit greatly from tools that make following up on essential tasks easier.

Bank management is made easy with comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive reporting on project status, productivity, and task status for each employee can assist banks in providing better quality services to their customers in less time.