Employee Attendance Management

Use smart attendance management systems and reports to effortlessly track, manage, analyze, and record employee absence. By leveraging smart attendance management systems and reports, employers can optimize attendance tracking, manage absences efficiently, and foster a productive workforce.

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Effortlessly record employee absence
Track late arrivals & reward well for overtime
Accurate classification of work-related away time
Plan human resources in a better way
Precisely budgeting employee absence & payment
Accurate employee attendance tracking

Employee Attendance Tracking System

Desklog Automates Manual Tasks Of Attendance Tracking

Remove manual tasks of recording employee absence and save more time for other productive tasks. Desklog’s Attendance management feature tracks and records employee attendance as they log in and out of their system. It identifies the presence of each employee on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Absence Calendar with tools to Classify Away Time

Desklog provides features to approve or disapprove an employee’s request for adding the ‘away time’ spent by them for work reasons to productive working hours.

Easy Categorization of leaves like


Attendance Reports that provide insights into Employee presence

The Admin or the manager can view the daily, weekly, or monthly attendance reports for effective employee attendance management.

Daily Reports

Tracks the first-in and last-out of the employee and helps to monitor late arrivals and total hours of overtime worked by employees.

Weekly Reports

Reports the presence and absence of employees in the present past or ongoing week.

Monthly Reports

Tracks the total worked days of the employees and helps to calculate unpaid and paid leaves availed by the employee.

Absence Administration Features

The admin or the manager can configure the total working days, work start time, work end time, minimum working hours,and minimum monthly leaves of the employee.

Advantages of Employee Attendance Tracking and Management System

  • Helps to be informed about employee absence and strategize accordingly
  • Gives insights into tracking the scheduled leaves to avoid employee shortage
  • Simplifies payroll management and helps to reward deservedly
  • Reduces Manual Work and saves time
  • Enhances Data Accuracy and removes human errors and subjectivity
  • Easily tracks employee in and outs