Employee Attendance Management System

Manage Employee Attendance With Absence Calendar & Attendance Reports

Effectively manage employee attendance and well plan human resources with Desklog’s Absence Calendar & Attendance Reports.

What is Attendance Management?

The attendance management system is the advanced feature that can be used easily by the admin to track the absences of the employees with the attendance reports.

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Add Away Time Using Absence Calendar

Employees or Admin will be able to add the away time of the employee by providing a specific reason in this attendance management software. Managers have the option to approve or cancel the away time too.

Use Desklog Absence Calendar
to add the following to your away time
  • Conference
  • Parental leave
  • Business Trip
  • Vacation
  • Unpaid Leaves
  • Sick Leave
  • Rest Day
  • Out Of Office, and many more
App Tracking

View Attendance Reports To Track Employee Attendance

The Admin or the manager can view the daily, weekly, or monthly attendance reports for effective employee attendance management.

Attendance Reports
Daily Reports

Track the first-in and last-out of the employee and know whether they are early or late during their login or logout.

Weekly Reports

Indicate either the employee is present or absent against each day of the ongoing or completed week.

Monthly Reports

Track the total worked days of the employee and get to know the unpaid and paid leaves availed by the employee.

Set the Working Days & Leaves

The admin or the manager can configure the total working days, work start time, work end time, minimum working hours, and minimum monthly leaves of the employee.

Why You Need Employee Attendance Tracking Software

Use Desklog as Attendance Management Software and log the attendance details to know the away time details in advance. Here the benefits of Attendance Managements:

Organize Your Work With Planned Human Resources

Be informed about the applied sick leaves of the employees in advance and organize, plan the work with available resources accordingly.

Monitor Absence Schedule

Ensure all the employees need not take leave at the same time and monitor the scheduled leaves to avoid resource shortage.

Eases Payroll Management

Reduces the complex work involved in payroll management and helps HR administrators to easily calculate monthly salary and work seamlessly.

Reduces Manual Work With Automated Reports

All the reports are automated and no need for manual work to maintain the reports.

Enhances Data Accuracy

Attendance tracking data are recorded automatically which involves no data error and enhances data accuracy. Quickly fix any attendance data issues like missed biometrics.

Track In/Out- Office Employees

Sit in one place and easily monitor the employees who are in-office and who are out of office with this attendance management software.