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How Does Employee Time Tracking Software Work ?


There is a saying that if you invest your time and effort properly on what you actually want to yield will definitely show good results. Tracking time is an inevitable part of any business project. But manually tracking the time invested on the projects becomes quite hectic. Here comes time tracking software and you must … [Continue reading]

Desklog Is Available For Mac


We are glad to announce that our productivity software, Desklog is available for the Mac operating system. Yes! here you can experience the benefits of this Employee Tracking Software-Desklog with the Mac operating system. Desklog is the best Employee Productivity Tracking Software What is Desklog – Employee Tracking Software? Desklog is the productivity software solely … [Continue reading]

Adopt Remote Work & Track productivity – Prevent COVID19 Crisis


Are you an IT organization and worried about the impact of coronavirus in your company’s routine work? Providing your staff to work remotely would be an alternate and effective solution. – Employee Time Tracking Software has taken a step towards prevention of COVID19 crisis by providing a real time tracking and screen monitoring feature … [Continue reading]