How Does Employee Time Tracking Software Work ?

How Does Employee Time Tracking Software Work ?

employee time tracking & Productivity Monitoring software

There is a saying that if you invest your time and effort properly on what you actually want to yield will definitely show good results. Employee Time Tracking time is an inevitable part of any business project. But manually tracking the time invested on the projects becomes quite hectic. Here comes Automated Employee time tracking software and you must know how employee time tracking software works.

Desklog is an efficient Employee Time Tracking Software

It is one of the most widely used software in managing business or projects effectively. Many industry sectors, freelancers, or companies find the uses of Employee time tracking software more helpful in successfully running their business. So in this article, we will have a look at how Automated employee time tracking and Productivity monitoring software time tracking software works with its features and benefits.

What is Employee time tracking software?

Based on the project requirement, project managers, business owners track the working hours and record them to pay their clients accordingly. The employee time tracking process is automated with the tool is known as Employee time tracking software.

This is mainly used to track the real-time spent on work and monitor the employees to know the productivity levels at certain time intervals. This is also called employee productivity tracking software which enables proper time management of any business project.

Know how to choose the right employee time tracking software

Features of Employee Time Tracking Software

Let us look into the features that help to track the time of the employee.

  • Attendance Management with Employee Time Tracking Software
  • Attendance management system software helps to track attendance with ease. It captures the arrival time and left time details to calculate the total working hours of the employee. You can also view the list of late arrived employees by monitoring the late arrived request placed by the employees. All these details help in processing the payroll of all the employees.

    It has two sub modules like Absence Calendar and Attendance reports,

    (1) Desklog Employee Time Tracking software Absence Calendar tracks the absence details of an employee. Whenever an employee has to update their leave details, they can do it from their end and from the admin side too.


    (2) The Attendance Report shows the daily, weekly, monthly attendance report of each employee. Admin can track attendance reports daily, weekly, & monthly basis.


    Summary: It captures the arrival time and left time details to calculate the total working hours of the employee.

  • Productive Time Tracking
  • Productive work time tracking feature will enable to evaluate the overall overall Employee productivity tracking-how much productive-time utilized by the employee. This helps to determine the productive time spent on the productive apps during the working hours and can understand employee productivity.

    1. Total Spent time: Total real-time spent at work.
    2. Productive Time: Real-time spent on productive apps during the total real time worked.
    3. Idle Time: Total time spent idle (break time) during working hours.

    Summary: It helps to determine the productive time spent on the productive apps during the working hours.

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  • App Time Tracking
  • This feature helps to monitor the type of application accessed by the employees. The tracked URL of the applications helps to identify whether the application accessed is a productive/non-productive or neutral app as per the allocated work of the team.
    % time spent on each productive/non-productive or neutral app is recorded to evaluate the actual time spent on each productive app and helps to monitor Employee productivity.

    Employee Time Tracking & productivity monitoring software

    Summary: The tracked URL of the applications helps to identify whether the application accessed is a productive/non-productive or neutral app as per the allocated work of the team.

  • Screen Monitoring And Automated Screenshots.
  • To know the progress of the assigned task, the automated screenshots monitoring softwares are captured with a screen monitoring feature. This helps to analyze the actual time spent on the task by recording the screenshots of the working window during certain specified intervals. This special access is restricted to the concerned authority so as to maintain confidential project data.

    automated screenshots monitoring software

    Summary: It helps to analyze the actual time spent on the task by recording the screenshots of the working window during certain specified intervals.

    Desklog offers screen monitoring with automated screenshots feature
  • Private Time Option ( Go Online/Offline )
  • This feature helps to avail of the private time during the working hours. This can be considered as a break time option which is not related to the work. It also enables all the resources to take a short break from their work and get energized to continue with their work. When the employees go offline, the time will not be tracked.

  • Productivity Report Management
  • Reports are effectively managed based on productivity reports. The individualized reports are generated as per the needs. For managers or superiors, it becomes quite easy to analyze the performance of the individuals with the following productivity reports.

    1. Work Graph
    2. The pie chart representation of the productive time vs idle time of all the employees.

    3. Productivity Graph
    4. The pie chart representation of the time spent on the productive or non-productive or neutral app.

    5. Productivity Bar Graph
    6. The bar graph representation of the overall productivity level of all the employees vs certain specified time intervals.

    Employee Time Tracking and productivity monitoring software

  • Automated Invoicing
  • The project budget and client billing are automated with the invoicing feature Employee monitoring software. Based on the real-time spent by the employees on work, the invoice is generated automatically. I assist in project budgeting and forecasting.

  • Track your leaves
  • It can be confusing keeping track of all your leaves, how many leaves you have taken, Leaves taken each month, type of leave taken, etc. It is always good to have an idea of your absences. You can plan ahead accordingly and take leaves according to schedule.

  • Employee Shift scheduling
  • Employee Shift management has lately become one of the most wanted features of employee time tracking software. Companies everywhere are introducing shift working to their operations. It enables 24×7 customer support and optimum utilization of company resources. Shift workers are difficult to manage without proper shift management software. Using the shift scheduling feature of Desklog, managers can organize shifts of their workers and view comprehensive performance reports in one place. Desklog couples time tracking and shift management to offer increased flexibility to workers and managers.

    Desklog Shift Management Feature Launched
  • Time tracking software for freelancers
  • Freelancers often have to handle multiple projects at the same time. It is very easy for things to get mixed up for them. Time tracking software can ease the pressure on freelancers and help them focus on their work. Desklog helps freelancers manage the time spent on different projects. Distractions can be eliminated and effective reports can be accessed based on tasks performed.

    How Desklog can assist

    Desklog’s absence calendar feature can help you track your leaves. There are different categories of leaves available such as conference, parental leave, business trip, vacation, unpaid leave, sick leave, rest day, out of office, and casual leave. Here you can see the leaves you have taken every month.

  • Calculate monthly working hours
  • How many hours do you spend at work each month? Many companies have minimum monthly work hour requirements for their employees. It can be tedious to manually calculate that by just using check-in and out data. Plenty of errors can also happen.

    How Desklog can assist

    Your monthly working hours can be found in just one click from your dashboard using Desklog. The data will be accurate, easy to find, and free of any errors. You can also find your monthly productive time and idle time easily using Desklog.

    How Does Employee Time Tracking Software Work?

    The admin or the owner of the Employee time tracking software will be able to track the real-time of the employees. Have a look into the below steps to know how it works and helps to analyze the overall employee productivity.

  • Create your account with time tracking software
  • Create the company account with the employee monitoring software by providing details like Company name, phone number, mail id, etc in the settings module of the software.

  • Add the employees to the system
  • After creating your admin account, you can add the employees to the system by sending an invite to their personal or official mail id. The employees can download the employee productivity tracking software and get registered via the activation link received in their mail.

  • Employee attendance tracking
  • Once the employee logs in to the employee time tracking software, you will be able to track the employee attendance by viewing their online status, arrived time, left time, productive time, total time spent at work.

  • Assign the task and keep monitoring the time
  • Using Project management software create the project task and assign it to the employee. Once the employees start working on the assigned task, you will be able to monitor the work progress by looking into the time spent on the ongoing task. This helps to estimate the schedule of the overall task or the project.

  • Analyze the productivity with advanced features
  • As we have already discussed, advanced features of Employee time tracking software like automated screenshots, app tracking, time tracking will help to track the real-time spent by the employees on productive apps. You can also configure the automated screenshot monitoring settings to change the time intervals at which it needs to capture automatically. Also, choose the resolution of the screenshots.

    Under the screenshot module of the employee time tracking software, you will be able to find all the screenshots of all the employees. Select the employee and find all the captured screenshots of the applications accessed. The %time spent on each window is also displayed on the screenshot.

  • Integrations
  • You can also integrate your time tracking software with any project management software, task management software to manage your projects or tasks more effectively.

    Benefits Of Time Tracking Software

    Now you can point out the benefits of employee time tracking software after knowing the features and the working procedure of employee productivity monitoring software.

  • You can maintain a good work record for all employees.
  • Analyzes the working habit of all the employees.
  • It is also a productivity tracker and finds out the bottleneck involved in enhancing productivity.
  • Plan your schedule, budget, and resources required for the project.
  • With advanced features, track the real-time activities performed by the employees.
  • Manage the task well with an automatic timer to calculate the time required to complete the assigned task and keep a track of the work progress.
  • Effective report management with productivity graphs and work graph and analyze the time spent on productive apps or non-productive apps.
  • Make your account and budgeting quick and easier.
  • With integrations, get connected to third party applications to automate your work.
  • Simple and easy way to track the remote employees and check whether the employees are available online or you can view the arrived time, left time of the employee.
  • Easy to analyze the overall project profitability with automated invoices for billable hours.
  • Free Download Desklog for Windows, Mac and Linux


    Here in this article, you will be able to know how employee time tracking & productivity monitoring software works by describing the advanced features. You can also have a look into the benefits of it so that you can optimize your time and money associated with your business projects.

    Always choose the right employee productivity tracking software to enhance real-time productivity and overall business growth.

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