What Is Employee Monitoring Software? Features & Benefits

May 24, 2022

With the workforce dispersed into remote, in-house, and hybrid teams, employee monitoring software has become an integral part of our work culture. When done right, employee monitoring can boost productivity, efficiency, and engagement in the workplace.

Here we will take a look at employee monitoring, its pros and cons, the legal side, how to choose the right software, features, and much more.

What is Employee Monitoring?

In any business, it is essential to keep an eye on your employees. This can help with workflow management, minimize inefficiencies, make things systematic, and much more. Companies everywhere are using different ways to monitor the time and productivity of their employees. Prime among those is employee monitoring software.

Employee monitoring software is a tool to automatically monitor an employee’s activities during working hours. This can help you automatically assess or keep track of productivity, attendance, app, web usage, and much more.

The data collected using employee monitoring software can be used to analyze the workflow, find patterns, and ultimately improve your business processes. You can gain precise, data-backed insights into how work is done at your office, recognize the performance of employees, help those in need, and much more.

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Types of Employee Monitoring

There are multiple ways to keep track of what your workers are up to. Employee monitoring software is just one in a long list of tools used to track workplace activities. These are the types of employee monitoring commonly implemented by companies.

Internet Monitoring

Every company is basically an internet company today as most work processes require the internet. So, tracking the internet activity of employees can give you an idea of their performance. Also, knowing how the internet is used by your team can help you find ways to improve their productivity.

There are many jobs in which sending emails is an integral part of work. Such companies use email monitoring to track the productivity of employees based on mail activity.

Computer Monitoring

Computer monitoring is similar to internet monitoring, keeping track of activities done on their system. The information gathered can be analyzed using detailed reports that show how much time employees spent doing productive work, how much time they spent passively using the computer, and which apps are used the most.

Checkout how app tracking is done by an employee monitoring software.

Keystroke Logging

Keystroke logging is also a type of computer monitoring. It involves recording the keys typed on the keyboard by employees. This is not an approach promoted generally, as many consider it a violation of employee privacy. Most modern-day employee monitoring software like Desklog does not implement keystroke logging.

Benefits of Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring is critical to the overall productivity and success of a company. Tracking your employees may appear to be a sign that you don’t trust them. However, this is a pure misconception. Numerous advantages can be gained in your workplace by effective employee monitoring.

Advantages of employee monitoring software include:
Effective Project Management

Employee productivity tracking software can help you manage the projects by planning, scheduling, organizing, and prioritizing tasks.

Time Tracking

The automated time tracking features of employee monitoring software will enable you to estimate the time required to complete projects.

Easy Communication

Employee monitoring software will help you to share files, handle text messages, emails, video conferences, etc. among employees from a single platform.

Evaluate performance

Managers will be able to analyze real-time employee performance with the advanced features of employee monitoring software

Here are some more Advantages of Employee Productivity Tracking Software in Your Company

Features of Employee Monitoring Software

There are some essential features every employee monitoring software should have no matter if it is used on remote or in-house teams. Let’s take a look at some of the must-have features of employee monitoring software.

Automated Time Tracking

Automatically monitor the time spent working in front of their computers by your employees.

App/URL Tracking

Know which apps and websites are used by your employees during their working hours.

Idle Time Tracking

Track the time when your employees are logged in at work, but not in front of their computers.

Attendance Management

Effectively manage the attendance and different types of absences of your employees.

Automatic Screenshots

Know what is going on the screens of your employees with screenshots at customizable intervals

Detailed Reports

Get comprehensive reports on the productivity, attendance, and working hours of your employees.

Winding up

Employee monitoring software has become one of the most important modern-day work tools. Here we have taken a look at some of the fundamentals of employee monitoring. Take your company to new levels using automated time and productivity monitoring software.

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