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Advantages of Employee Productivity Tracking Software in Your Company

April 12, 2022

You might have wondered why businesses prefer Employee Productivity Tracking Software for boosting productivity.

This is because of the extensive amount of benefits it provides.

Tracking employees of your organization may sound like you are not trusting your employees. However, it is completely a false belief. There are a plethora of benefits that can be adopted in your work environment to revamp your work culture.

We have given some advantages an employee productivity tracking software offers. Go through the points and understand why companies tend to use productivity tracking software.

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Here Goes The List Of Advantages of Employee Productivity Monitoring Software

1. Effective Time Tracking and Resource Allocation

Many companies have started preferring employee productivity tracking software to track employees whereby they can enhance productivity. An Employee productivity tracking software helps you to track your employees’ time at work, idle time, and offline time etc effectively.

Besides, this software also provides you a clear picture of the resources required to accomplish the project before the deadline. Furthermore, it tracks the time spent on each task by an employee daily, weekly and monthly characterised between productive and non-productive.

2. Automated Project Time Tracking

Employee productivity tracking software can be integrated with project management tools to manage the projects efficiently. This software tracks the amount of time spent on each task and quality of work done. Additionally, it offers real time tracking of project execution by analyzing the employees engaged with each taks under the project. This tracking helps the entrepreneurs to estimate the profit and loss of a project.

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3. Automated Attendance and Timesheet Keeping

Without tracking employee time at work , it’s hard for a company to ensure whether the employees are on the worksite or working at an adequate level of production. With the help of an employee productivity tracking software you can automatically track employees’ arrival time and left time which confirms their presence at work.

Moreover, it keeps the record of attendance, check-in check-out details, monthly attendance report, and late arrivals.

4. Easy Leave Management

Leave management can be done easily with time tracking softwares. Leave requests, leave approval etc can be handled easily using this feature.Further, you can access leave history reports weekly / monthly / yearly.

In addition to this productivity tracking software will allow you configure the leave structure according to the company leave policy

5. Easy Task Evaluation

Productivity & time tracking software make it hassle free to assign and evaluate tasks. Besides, it will let you know how many hours each task takes, analyze the current status of work, and evaluate employees based on their task done.

Your project may require a ton of tasks to do and you might miss the important ones while your employees concentrate on doing small and low priority tasks. This leads to not meeting the deadlines or not getting the task done in the right way. Time tracking software will also enables you to prioritise your tasks and complete the most important ones quickly and efficiently.

6. Easy to Handle Remote Employees

Real time analysis of whether an employee is working or not is a crucial challenge while managing a remote team. Employee time tracking software makes this process hassle free and makes it easier to recognize productive employees even remotely. A time tracking software can track an employees’ login time, the time spent at work, and logout time.

Additionally, as said before, this software tracks idle and offline time off remote employees and which helps you to evaluate their performance.

7. Understand the Real Time Employee Performance

As we have already said that we can track the activities of an employee in real time, these tracking records will be very helpful for you to analyse the performance of an employee.You can look over how employees spend their time by tracking App & URLs used by the employee.

This real time tracking will help you to understand why they are not productive and provide feedback based on this data. This analytical data assists the company to be more productive and helps your employees in improving their performance.

8. Easier Payment Calculation and Billing

It’s difficult to bill employees with a rough estimate of working hours. By tracking each employees’ time spent on work, you’ll be able to bill them accurately.By using productivity tracking software you can track productivity metrics such as hours worked, number of tasks & projects completed and use this information to generate invoices & bills automatically, especially if your company has shifts and overtime. This will be much helpful for freelance & outsourced employment.

9. Streamlined and Effective Communication Channel

For every business a seamless interaction with the team members is necessary. You’ll have to communicate with the team to fix issues during project development or any other work progress. Employee productivity tracking software comes up with features that help you to share files, handle text messages, emails, video conferences, etc from a single platform. This efficient communication channel integrated with employee productivity tracking apps assists throughout the work.

10. Space for Employee Recognition With Proof of Work

An employee productivity tracking software will always keep record of the work done. It tracks and records the time spent by each employee on their task. This makes it easier to evaluate employee performance with productivity tracking software.

These records can be used by the HR department for the employee recognition process. Since their exact proof of work is available, appraisals can be done effectively without possibility of any disputes.

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11. Enhances Employee Efficiency and Productivity

Using productivity tracking software will undoubtedly increase the productivity and performance of your employees. This software tracks employees’ productive time and assists them in keeping track of their total productive hours, which motivates them to be more productive.

12. Better Work Life Balance

While a little stress is beneficial to your mental and physical health, excessive stress can cause anxiety and frustration.

Using productivity tracking software at work will let employees:

  1. learn how to better manage their time at work
  2. Organize tasks effectively
  3. Set boundaries on work and life
  4. Track productivity
  5. Make more free time for yourself.

What do You Need to Know Before Implementing Tracking Software?

Employee productivity tracking software is often being considered as trespassing to an employees’ privacy restricting their freedom. But this is far from the truth. It actually helps in optimizing the productivity of an enterprise. It allows tracking and analysing employees’ performance to improve workflow efficiency.

Here are 6 essential steps to acknowledge before implementing Employee productivity tracking software in your workplace:

  1. Choose a quality product
  2. Set well-defined business goals
  3. Set a firm computer & internet use policy
  4. Educate your employees on legal obligations
  5. Research the productivity tracking software market
  6. Safeguard monitored data

Privacy Concerns

The thought of someone keeping an eye on them can be unsettling to the employees. Be open and assure them about the security your software provides. Be open with employees about your Employee productivity tracking software and how their data will be protected. Ensure them that their private information is not being recorded.

Could Affect Morale

Some workers can get anxious at the thought of having their activities tracked. This could lead to them overdoing themselves, which ultimately results in diminished productivity. To eliminate this, be open with your employees and explain exactly what the software does.

Describe the advantages both the company and the employee gain from using this software. Creating a policy and clarifying it with your employees can alleviate the stress and adapt your company for a smooth transition towards using Employee productivity tracking software.

Legal Concerns

There are numerous common misconceptions about the legality of employee productivity tracking software. In essence, deploying employee productivity tracking software is absolutely legal.

In the US, if the company owns the systems, they are permitted to track employees. The EU has different laws that obligate organizations to be more straightforward with their plans to

execute employee tracking software. Before you settle on an employee tracking software, we recommend inquiring proper legal counsel concerning the laws in your area.

Benefits of Desklog: An Employee Productivity Tracking Software

Desklog helps employees manage their time at work, boosts work efficiency, and motivates them to work at one hundred percent of their potential. It is being used conveniently by freelancers as well as big organizations.

  1. Automated time tracking
  2. Managing projects and workflows
  3. Attendance management system
  4. Leave management system
  5. Helps with the reallocation of resources
  6. Improves productivity
  7. Increase in the internal security
  8. Activity tracking and performance analysis
  9. Prevents unauthorized access

Desklog Employee Productivity Tracking Software packed with useful features. View your company’s active user count, late arrivals, users attended, and how many of them were on leave. You can also see which of the employees are being most productive, most unproductive, late, and absent. Once the software is installed the time spent at the computer on apps and websites is automatically tracked. Each app or website is classified into Productive, Non-productive, and Neutral and the time spent on productive apps and sites fills up the productivity bar.

Apps are further categorized into office apps, entertainment, social media, development, and undefined. Employees can view detailed analysis of their workday including the time of their arrival and various productivity metrics. Employees can use the private time feature that can be turned on whenever they need to take care of personal things on their computer. Desklog won’t track anything during private time.

Tracking of time spent at work-related meetings, calls, or discussions using the offline feature of Desklog. It even records your work even without a stable internet connection. So no minute of work would be unaccounted for.


From the above given benefits, you may have understood that employee productivity tracking software is a must-have tool for any company looking to increase their employee’s productivity. It acts as a perfect platform for the employer and employee that benefits both the parties.

By keeping all these advantages in mind, choose the perfect employee productivity tracking software that suits your company and project requirements.

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