Month: November 2022

Top 10 Call Center Management Softwares


Call Center Software is a system that automates agent activity tracking, inbound and outbound call routing, prioritising which calls should be served up next. It can be an on-premise system or a cloud-based system. Every call center should use call center software to streamline processes, increase productivity, and provide better service overall. The best call … [Continue reading]

Freelancer And Outsource Payments – New Feature Launched


Desklog, the best Time Tracking Software, is glad to announce that we have launched our new feature “Invoice and Billings”. Do you find it difficult to track employees’ productive time at work? You have the best solution for this. Start using Desklog to track your employee’s performance most effectively. With all its advanced features, you … [Continue reading]

Desklog Time Tracking Integrations to Automate Your Workflow


Keeping an eye on the working hours of your employees, effectively managing multiple projects, and tracking development operations, all at once can be a hard ask for anyone. This is why Desklog automated time tracking software has integrations for popular tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, and Gitlab. Streamline your time tracking and project management experiences … [Continue reading]