Desklog Time Tracking Integrations to Automate Your Workflow

Updated on September 22nd, 2023

Keeping an eye on the working hours of your employees, effectively managing multiple projects, and tracking development operations, all at once can be a hard ask for anyone. This is why Desklog automated time tracking software has integrations for popular tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, and Gitlab.

Streamline your time tracking and project management experiences with Desklog time tracking integrations to automate your workflow. Here we will take a detailed look at these integrations.

Why Use Time Tracking Integrations to Automate Your Workflow

  • Schedule tasks

  • Manage workflows easily

  • Ensure smooth collaboration

  • Evaluate activities strategically

  • Boost employee productivity

  • Optimize resource usage

  • Sync tasks and activities

Desklog Trello integration

Trello is a visual work management solution that allows teams to collaborate, plan, and manage their work in a collaborative, productive, and organized manner.

Trello adapts to any project, whether you are starting something new or attempting to get more organized with your current work. It can simplify and standardize your team’s workflow. Trello is easy to use while still being capable of handling your team’s most complex projects.

With the Desklog Trello integration, you can:
  1. Effortlessly track time and link it with your Trello cards.
  2. Find out how long it takes to complete each Trello card.
  3. Know what task each of your staff is presently working on.
  4. Analyze your Trello team’s performance using detailed productivity reports.
  5. Set productivity ratings for various websites and apps.

Find how to use Trello with Desklog and more here.

Desklog Gitlab integration

GitLab is a web-based platform that provides open and private repositories for free, as well as additional features like issue tracking and wikis. It’s a complete DevOps platform that enables developers to manage all aspects of a project, from project planning to source code management to tracking and security. It also enables teams to interact and produce better software.

GitLab helps teams to minimize product lifecycles and boost productivity, resulting in more value for customers. Users are not required to manage authorizations for each tool in the application. All members of the team can have access to every component if the permissions are defined.

With the Desklog Gitlab integration, you can:
  1. Next to the Gitlab issue title, you can see the timer and reported time.
  2. Keep track of the total amount of time you spend on the project.
  3. View employees’ reported time and their progress toward the initial estimate.
  4. Reports can be grouped, sorted, and filtered, and time reports can be exported and invoiced.
  5. Stay in your workflow with Desklog tracking time without leaving Gitlab.

Find how to use Gitlab with Desklog and more here.

Desklog Asana integration

From daily activities to larger projects, Asana assists teams in coordinating their work. No matter where they are located or how many different departments are engaged, teams with Asana are more confident, move faster, and do more with less. Asana is used to manage everything from company objectives to digital transformation to product launches and marketing campaigns by over 119,000 paying customers and millions of free organizations in 190 countries.

You can combine work from spreadsheets and emails into a single location where teams can collaborate and communicate more efficiently. Regardless of how many different teams or departments are working on a project, Asana allows them to share context and assign ownership to tasks, combine relevant work, share files, receive real-time updates on tasks and projects, and create successful cross-functional workflows.

With the Desklog Asana integration, you can:
  1. View the Asana tasks on which your team is currently working.
  2. Determine each team member’s activity level alongside Asana’s time tracking.
  3. Pay staff salaries on time and bill clients for the hours performed.
  4. Check out which websites and apps your staff uses during the workday.
  5. Using the client login site, you can maintain transparency with your clients.

Find how to use Asana with Desklog and more here.

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Desklog Jira integration

Jira is used by teams all over the world as a business process management tool, to plan, track, and release software. Scrum, Kanban, hybrid models, or any unique practices of your team are all supported by Jira.

Jira lets users create roadmaps that summarize all active projects. A drag-and-drop interface on the project board allows teams to control any project element. User stories and issues may be created, sprints can be planned, and work can be distributed across the team using the system. Users can also access data from tens of thousands of business apps, ranging from design and monitoring tools to source code and productivity software.

With the Desklog Asana integration, you can:
  1. Have a time tracker that is directly linked to Jira issues.
  2. Determine how long it takes each team member to complete a Jira issue or task.
  3. Real-time visibility into what each team member is working on.
  4. Using a complete time log and productivity reports, assess your team’s performance.
  5. Analyze how someone works on a Jira problem with optional images and site & app usage metrics.
  6. Along with Jira time monitoring, monitor keyboard and mouse activity to establish your employees’ activity levels.

Find how to use Jira with Desklog and more here.

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Winding up

You’ll be able to easily manage employee productivity and measure time spent on projects with Desklog. These integrations will give you the flexibility and customization you need to automate your workflow. It unifies operations onto a single platform, making task management much easier.

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