Month: January 2024

Why Do We Need Time Tracking In Jira?


Ever found yourself asking, “Why bother with time tracking in Jira?” Well, the answer lies at the heart of efficient project tracking tools. Jira is a project management software created by Atlassian. It has transformed project management, making it transparent, collaborative, and agile. Hence, teams of all sizes rely on its workflows and insights to … [Continue reading]

Back To Office: How To Make It More Productive With Time Tracking Software ?


As the world steadily redefines its work landscape, the norm of returning to office, once taken for granted, is now a nuanced process, encompassing a blend of safety, adaptability, and productivity. This return, however, isn’t just a mere physical relocation. It is an opportunity to recalibrate and amplify workplace productivity in the post-pandemic world. According … [Continue reading]

Kerala Technology Expo 2024: A Beacon of Innovation in Kozhikode


Are you a tech enthusiast with a pulse on the cutting edge? A budding entrepreneur brimming with innovative ideas? Or simply someone curious about how technology is shaping our world? Then mark your calendars and pack your thirst for knowledge, because the KTX Global Wave (Kerala Technology Expo) is about to amaze you! KTX is … [Continue reading]