Month: November 2023

Best Practices for Implementing a Clock-In Clock-Out System


Considering today’s work environment, efficiently managing employee hours is paramount. Know why? It helps to optimise productivity, ensure fair compensation, and comply with labour regulations, ultimately contributing to a healthy and sustainable workplace. Having said that, an efficient time tracking software is the cornerstone of this endeavour. A sophisticated clock-in clock-out system can enhance accuracy, … [Continue reading]

Desklog Integrated With Jira Project Management


I’m excited to share the latest news with you – Desklog’s brand new integration with Jira Project Management Software. To begin with, you all know that Desklog is a time tracking software. It tracks how you spent your work hours in a day. It captures not only active work periods but also identifies idle and … [Continue reading]

What is Employee Efficiency Rate: How to Calculate and Improve It?


Welcome to our exploration of a critical concept in the realm of business optimization: the Employee Efficiency Rate. Many factors contribute to the overall work efficiency. However, workplace excellence has been achieved easier with measuring Employee Efficiency Rate. As workplaces evolve, understanding and enhancing employee efficiency has become a linchpin for sustainable growth. In this … [Continue reading]