Desklog Integrated With Jira Project Management

Desklog Integrated With Jira Project Management

April 27, 2020

Are you looking for hassle-free and automated productivity or time tracking software for your Jira project management tool? Or would you like to integrate your bug tracking or issue tracking Jira software with time tracking or productivity tracking software? Yes! you are at the right place to know that Desklog is integrated with the Jira project management software.

If you are using Jira project management software as your bug or issue tracking software, then you can also effectively track the real-time spent on the project tasks and improve the productivity of the employees.

Desklog is an Excellent Project Management Software & Employee Time Tracking Software

It is crucial for the project managers to track the real-time spent by employees by monitoring the work progress of each employee on the assigned task, the time spent on other activities like conference meetings, project discussion, etc.

This integration assists the project managers to view the functions of both the software at one single place and allows it to work seamlessly.

In this article, you will be able to understand the Desklog integrations with Jira project management software.

Jira Project Management Integration With Desklog

Third-party like Jira project management integration with Desklog will allow you to monitor the time allocated for the project in Jira. The project available in Jira will be imported to the project module of Desklog.

With the help of exclusive time tracking features of Desklog, the employees will be able to log into the project created in Jira. The real-time tracking with Desklog for the Jira projects can be synchronized back to the third party application Jira.

It is better to understand with an example.


If a new project is added in Jira, it will automatically reflect in the project section of Desklog. The created project will be synchronized as a Desklog project so that you can start your work in Desklog in order to utilize the exclusive time tracking features of Desklog.

With these features of Desklog, you will be able to monitor the real-time spent on the task reflecting in the Desklog. Choose the synchronized project from Desklog and change the status of the task as “in-progress” so that it will automatically start the timer. Once you complete the task, change the status as “pause” so that it will stop the timer. This enables you to find the time taken to complete the task.

The tracked time details of the task will be reflecting in both the software. In your project management software Jira, you will be able to know the resource who worked on the task and the time taken by the resource to complete the task.

Know how to choose the right project management software

Why Choose Desklog with Jira Project Management Software

Let us look into the important reasons to choose Desklog for your project management software Jira.

  • Reduce manual work and save your time
  • To make use of the time tracking software Desklog without any integration with project management software Jira, you need to manually copy the tasks in Jira to Desklog in order to start the timer for the allocated task.

    If Jira is integrated with Desklog, then the job becomes quite easy. The tasks created in Jira will be automatically synchronized in Desklog easily and there is no need for any manual work to copy the task from project management software Jira to Desklog. Thus it reduces manual work and will save precious time.

  • Easy to monitor the assigned task
  • Once Desklog is integrated with project management software Jira, it becomes an easy and quick process to track who is working on the assigned task and how much productive time spent on the task.

    This will enable you to monitor the current status of the task. For example, If a certain time is allocated to a task say 4 hours, by analyzing the tracked time details say it is 3 hours, then you can estimate that the task should be completed within one hour. In this way, you will be quickly able to manage all other tasks.

  • Accurate automated reports are generated
  • If Desklog is integrated with your project management software Jira, then the tasks are auto-synchronized in Desklog. This enables to quickly access the task from Desklog and the accurate automated reports on productive time are generated in both Desklog and Jira.

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • The integration of Desklog with project management software will provide you a very user-friendly interface. This allows you to easily understand the features of Desklog and quickly access the auto-synchronized tasks in Desklog.

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    How To Integrate The Project Management Software Jira With Desklog

    Firstly, you need to configure the settings of Desklog to integrate with project management software Jira.

    Follow the basic steps to get connected with Jira Via Desklog.

    • Go to the integration settings of Desklog and choose the Jira app to activate the integration.
    • Enter your Jira account and personal details like Email id to go ahead with the integration process.
    • Now your project management software is integrated with Jira.
    • Make all your projects in Jira as public in order to access the same projects in Desklog.
    • All the projects or related tasks are auto-synchronized with Desklog.
    • Choose the project or task under the project module of Desklog to track the time spent on the task.
    • Desklog will be able to record the real-time spent on the task and will deliver the report to Jira.
    • Simultaneously you will be able to view the tracked time report on both Desklog and Jira.
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    Hope in this article, you will be able to understand how to integrate Desklog with your project management software and also you will be able to know the importance of the integration with Desklog.

    Finally, to have effective time tracking features you can quickly integrate your project management software Jira with Desklog.

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