How To Use Desklog Project Management Software Features

How To Use Desklog Project Management Software Features

How To Use Desklog Project Management Software Features

Do you think being a project manager is easier than being a team member? No! Managing a project is not quite an easy job and you must know why is it so? Yes! We all know it involves many phases like analyzing the in and out of the project, creating the project task, assigning the resources, evaluating the performance and reports, fixing the bugs, and so on.

Desklog is a powerful Project Management Software

Above are the basic steps involved in any project and a project manager will definitely look for a tool where he or she can carry out all such steps at one single platform.

Are you looking for such a one-stop solution? then you must have a look at the project management features of the Desklog tool.

Are you a Desklog beginner or would you like to know how to use the Desklog project management software features? Yes! Keep Reading. We will discuss it.

What is a Desklog Project?

To put it briefly we can say that Desklog project or project management features that enable you to create the planned project and allocate the resources for the project tasks or milestones in order to accomplish the project deliverables within the specified project deadline.

If more than one person is involved in the project, then you can create a team under the project and can also assign the team members different tasks related to the project and this helps to estimate the overall project timeline.

In Short:
The project management features enable the created project team or an individual to work effectively towards the successful project deliverables and meet the project deadline. Also assists in evaluating the team and individual performance of each team member.

Now you might be interested to know what are the important project management features equipped with Desklog and how to use the features.

Have a look at the project management software features

How To Use Desklog Project Management Software Features

1. Create/View Project

Once the bidding phase is over, you can finalize with client details and start by creating the project details in the tool. Now you would have found the resources required for your project and would group them into different teams depending upon the work. For example SEO team, Development team, Design team, etc.

When you click on ->Create Project, it prompts you to select the project workflow template like Simple project management, issue tracking, or Agile project management. Select this and create the project with the following details:

Create project
  • Project Name – Provide the name of the project
  • Unique ID: –
  • Description – Describe about the project
  • Project Type – Select whether it is a team or individual project
  • Assigned to – choose the created team or individual name
  • Client – Provide the client details
  • Project Priority – Select the project priority as critical/ high/low or intermediate
  • End Date – Provide the project end date
  • Support Documents – here, you can attach any support documents for reference
  • Once the project is created, you can view the project details by clicking on-> View Project and enter the details of the project to filter out the required one. Here you can view the details like how many tasks are created under that project and the task completed percentage with the due date.

    Do Remember:
    Only the authorized person will be able to create a project and able to track the individual or the created team tagged under the project.

    2. Create & View- Team/ Milestone

    Before creating the project, you may decide the team, resources, and the associated milestones of the project so that you can assign the project to the created team and also the required milestone of the project.

    Create Milestone

    Project milestones you can create in a similar way how you created the project details in the tool like milestone name, description, priority, end date, and so on. The only difference is here you need to enter the created project unique id details.

    Create Task

    Once the milestone is created, a similar way you can create the task like task title, description, priority, and so on. The difference is you need to enter milestone id and the allocated time for the task.

    To view, the task or milestone click on View Task or View Milestone under the appropriate menu. When you click on view task, you can find the status of the ongoing task, or the details of the completed set of tasks, etc. Similarly, you can find the milestone details.

    Keep In Mind:
    The steps involved in creating a project or milestone or task are similar. You need to create milestones of the project with a unique project ID and make use of the milestone id to create project tasks. Also, while creating the tasks you need to allocate time for the task. All other steps look similar in creating all three.
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    3. Make Use Of Automated Reports

    To keep track of the project, you need to analyze the project reports frequently. With Desklog, you can make use of the automated reports to view project details, performance reports, task reports.

    Project Detail

    Enter the project ID and get to know the details of the project name, project lead, project status, start & end date. It also displays the task summary and status.

    Performance Reports

    The performance of any team member within the specified date range is displayed. It helps to evaluate the performance of any team member with their reports on the project worked, task status, burndown chart.

    Performance Report
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    Task Reports

    Task Report

    The task reports of any team member within the specified date range are displayed. It shows the task performance report with the assigned time and spent time. It lists the assigned tasks within the date range with assigned time, spent time, and task status.

    In Short:
    View the project details report and get to know the list of tasks with its summary and status. Analyze the performance of any team member with performance reports like burndown charts and task performance reports within the specified date range.

    4. Support Center

    It is used for ticketing purposes. The request raised by the client for any kind of Desklog support will be opened as a ticket in the support center.

    Support centre

    It displays the status of overall tickets raised and the completed tickets and the pending tickets. You can filter out any particular ticket by using the ticket id, type of request (critical, intermediate, low, etc), ticket status(open, closed, progress, answered, etc), and project name.

    Do Remember:
    A ticketing tool is integrated with project management features to support your client. Only the authorized person will be able to close the tickets that are open or in pending state.
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    From the initial phase to the final phase of the project, these important features of Desklog project management software assist the project manager to work seamlessly. Hope this information would help all the Desklog beginners to easily understand how to create a project, milestone, task, and also evaluate the performance and task reports to accomplish the project successfully. It also provides an integrated ticketing platform to support your clients.

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