What is Task Management Software ?

Task management software is a program that combines the finest tools and features for assigning tasks between employees, monitoring their progress, and setting deadlines.

How Does Desklog’s Task Management Software Work?

Seamlessly create and designate tasks

Create tasks and assign them to the best-qualified person who will be able to carry out them. Desklog offers simple-to-use solutions for users to specify the project name, sprint, allot time, specify a priority, and mention task type.

Get an all-inclusive bird eye overview of tasks

Get an all-inclusive overview of tasks such as the hierarchy of task administration, its priority levels, date of creation, the status of progress, and project name.

Track Task as well as Team Progress

Tracks how far the employee has come and how much still needs to be done. This helps to stay motivated, identify bottlenecks and understand who is falling behind.

Formulate an advanced To-Do list

Our advanced To-Do list helps to break down projects into small manageable tasks and check their progress as well as tick them off the list when it is done. This helps to not omit any tasks and stay motivated with each small goal achieved.

Reports & Graphs that summarise employee efficiency

Desklog offers very useful reports with graphs that can provide good insights into the productivity and efficiency of employees in respect of tasks done and projects worked upon.

Benefits of Desklog’s Task Management Software

Enables Friendly task assignment
Improves Collaboration
Helps not to miss deadlines
Measures Productivity
Birds-eye task overview
Track task progress
Lifts employee efficiency
Offers advanced to-do list
Tracking motivates productivity
Helps to prioritize tasks
Tracks Team Progress
Simplifies Task Management

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