Task Management Software

Assign the task to the team or individual and keep a track of their performance and productivity in an easy way.

What is task management?

Plan the tasks to be completed and assign the ongoing task to the individual or to team members with a deadline. Track the performance and productivity to view the final reports of the completed task. This whole cycle is known as task management.

Automated Time Tracking Software

Why use task management software?

Always searching your scattered tasks in emails and folders? Organize and prioritize them in one place. Sending emails to individuals or team members to assign the tasks? Assign from one common place. Not able to view your teamwork progress? View it from here. Want a collective report of the completed tasks? Get it from here. Now go for desklog, the best task management software.

Automated Time Tracking Software
Task Creation using task management tool

How does it work?

  • Task Creation
  • Sub Task Creation
  • Working on Task
  • Task Done
  • Under Confirmation
  • Confirmed/Reopen for required changes

Benefits of task management software

Desklog Organize all tasks

Organize all the tasks

An easy way to organize all the tasks. Don’t waste time in searching for the tasks scattered in emails and folders. Keep all the tasks in one place.

Desklog Prioritize Tasks

Prioritize the tasks

Which task to be attended first can be decided. High or low priority option can be assigned to meet the deadlines of the project.

Desklog Participation

Active Participation

Tasks can be shared within the team members by sharing the files, folders and their views. This, in turn, enhances the active participation of the team members

Desklog Improves Productivity

Improves productivity

The work progress of the team is monitored by the authorized professional with features of Desklog, the best task management app. In overall, it improves business productivity.

Desklog Meet Deadlines

Meets deadline

Time is saved in organizing and prioritizing the work. It ensures the work will be completed before the deadline with the overall support of team members.

Desklog Complete reports

A complete overview of reports

The complete reports of the team members can be reviewed from one single point and can share the feedback to the team using our task management tool.

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