Month: May 2022

Top 10 Time Doctor Alternatives


Time Doctor is a popular time tracking software for tracking work hours and boosting efficiency, it comes with its limitations and might not suit everyone’s needs. Whether you’re looking for different features, better pricing, or a more user-friendly interface, there are plenty of alternatives available. Several Time Doctor reviews suggest there are critical limitations. Here’s … [Continue reading]

Top 15 Reasons To Invest In Employee Productivity App


It is undeniable that any business productivity is based on the outcome of its employee productivity. Nowadays almost all employers are focusing on implementing a perfect employee productivity software with their daily work routine of employees or work environment. There are many reasons to invest in employee productivity software. It ranges from tracking employee productivity … [Continue reading]

On Premise VS Cloud Based Time Tracking Software


Time tracking has become an essential element for organizations of all kinds. The transparency, accountability, and productivity boost provided by time tracking software are too good to ignore for any company. There are a lot of options available for you to monitor the time and activities of your employees. People are often torn between choosing … [Continue reading]