Top 15 Reasons To Invest In Employee Productivity App

Updated on November 29th, 2023

It is undeniable that any business productivity is based on the outcome of its employee productivity. Nowadays almost all employers are focusing on implementing a perfect employee productivity software with their daily work routine of employees or work environment. There are many reasons to invest in employee productivity software. It ranges from tracking employee productivity to analyzing overall business productivity.

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There are n number of aspects to be considered to enhance your business productivity. An employer should know in what ways he can make his employees stay productive with advanced tracking features of the employee productivity app. This makes employers know the reasons to invest in the employee productivity tracking app. Not only the employer, but even the employee should also know why employers are investing in the employee tracking app.

In this article, we will look into the important reasons to invest in the employee productivity software.

Top 15 Reasons to Invest in Employee Productivity App

1. Easy To Use

Once the employer logins, it is easy for the employers to know whether any specific employee is on leave, or whether the employee is available online or arrived late, etc. No need to manually go and check out. By sitting at his desk or room, the employers will be able to know about any specific employee.

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2. Easy Attendance Management

Nowadays swiping with RFID cards is being replaced with biometric and which is highly impossible to manipulate or forge. The employee login/logout data or timestamps are captured and synced with the software for attendance management. It is very easy to use and plays an important role in capturing employee attendance or tracking any break time availed by the employees during their work.

3. Tracks Real-Time Activities

Though employees are sitting in their cabin and doing their work, it looks odd to micromanage the employees of your organization. You may really don’t know how much time they actually spent on their assigned task. With the help of the employee productivity app, you will be able to monitor the real-time activities of the employees with advanced automated screenshot features. This is one of the important aspects to be known by all the employers to find the bottleneck involved in managing the task assigned to the employees.

4. Effective Project & Resource Planning

You need to plan your project well in advance to meet the deadline of the project. With the help of the task management or project management module of the employee productivity tracking app, it helps to estimate time effort. This helps to optimize your time and money by investing in the employee productivity tool. By estimating the time effort, you will also be able to plan the resources required for your project.

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5. Enhance Individual & Team Productivity

As we already discussed, individual and team productivity plays a crucial role in boosting your overall business productivity. To track the real-time productivity, you need a perfect productivity tracking app. This helps to monitor the overall productivity level of your team against certain time intervals and it becomes easy for you to analyze the business productivity.

6. Track App & Internet Usage

With the provided internet connectivity to the employees, you should know whether they access some useful documents or programs related to work. With App & URL tracking, the employer will be able to monitor whether the employees are accessing productive apps and the real-time spent on the apps are also recorded. This helps to determine the overall internet usage on a productive vs non-productive app. It becomes easy for you to eliminate unwanted costs involved in setting up your infrastructure.

7. Effective Payroll Processing

Sometimes it is common to see some manual errors while processing employee payroll. With the employee productivity app, it easily captures the monthly attendance of all your employees. There is no need to do any manual work in calculating the daily attendance. This feature helps not only to track the employees but also to process the payroll effectively. This app works really well and is helpful in case you are calculating billable hours for any freelancers.

8. Effective Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration is yet another important reason for investing in an employee productivity app. You can improve your team collaboration and allow them to interact effectively via chat messengers. When the task is assigned, the team leads will be able to track the work progress and allow the team members to interact with each other and share work-related files. This gives space to discuss the assigned task and complete the work efficiently.

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9. Real-Time Performance Analysis & Employee Retention

When the managers or supervisors track their employees with real-time data, productivity graphs, it becomes easy to evaluate the real-time performance of any employee. The mistakes done by the employees are spotted out and at the same time noted down later to discuss during performance appraisal. Similarly, the most productive employee list is also displayed, which helps managers to know about the best performer in the team. Here it is not an assumption, instead, the performance depends upon the real-time data. Real-time performance analysis allows you to retain the best employees by providing them suitable perks.

10. Overall Project Budgeting

With the help of the employee productivity app, you will be able to estimate time, effort, resources, and plan your project accordingly. This helps you to finalize your requirements and project budget. The total business outcome depends on how efficiently you plan as per your budget. You will be successfully able to run your business with the help of effective project budgeting.

11. Remote Employee Tracking

Many companies have remote workers in their workforce today. Employers have to take measures to ensure that their remote employees are sticking to their tasks. Employee monitoring software enables employers to keep a watchful eye on remote workers. Features such as screenshots, URL and app tracking will provide an accurate overview of employee activity. It can be difficult to assess the productivity of remote employees as opposed to those who work from the office. But with employee time tracking software, the performance of remote employees can be effectively evaluated and recognized accordingly.

12. Increased Security

Employee time tracking software keeps track of documents, installed apps, visited websites, and all activities on company computers. It keeps a watchful eye over company files, accounts data, client information, and all sensitive data. This can shield your company from threats, security breaches, and unethical demeanor. Whether it’s done deliberately or accidentally, employee monitoring software can alert owners or managers when an employee accesses data they’re not supposed to.

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13. Figure Out Problem Areas

Employee monitoring software not only tracks productivity but also shows how long it takes an employee to perform tasks. This allows employers or managers to quickly identify areas where employees are having difficulties and provide support, saving time. Some employees would not be very comfortable asking for assistance. In such cases, an employee productivity app comes in handy.

14. Save Time and Money

Productivity apps, as mentioned before, boost employee productivity. You can expect higher returns on your investments if you have a productive crew. And, because you can measure productivity metrics such as hours worked, you may utilize this information to manage pay, especially if your team works shifts or overtime.

15. Develops Trust

When an employee’s time is not accounted for, there might be mistrust between employers and employees. With productivity software, the employer may rest comfortably knowing that the employee is making good use of company time. An employee is better positioned to make the right decisions if they are aware that their manager is observing. As a result, it’s a win-win situation for all parties concerned.


These are the important reasons why employers should invest in a perfect employee productivity app. You can either build your own productivity app by consulting the web app developers or you can make use of any third party employee productivity tool.

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