Top 12 Time Doctor Alternatives 2023

Updated on September 22nd, 2023

Time Doctor is one of the most popular time tracking software solutions available today. It comes with advanced features such as employee monitoring, online timesheets, payroll, project management, budgeting, distraction alerts, and much more. The company provides remote, hybrid, and outsourced time tracking solutions. Even with all these, there have been reviews stating that Time Doctor has become outdated, lacks the latest features, and provides inadequate customer service, according to some customers. This can make people reluctant to use this software and look for more Time Doctor alternatives. So here we have listed Top 12 Time Doctor alternatives 2023.

Desklog is an automated time and productivity tracking software for in-house, remote teams, and freelancers.This software is one of the best Time Doctor alternative available today especially when we consider the number of employee monitoring features available for reasonable pricing. You can increase the efficiency of your team and achieve effective and attendance management.

Managers can monitor how much time employees spend on tasks and document their arrival and departure times to easily monitor attendance. Automatic snapshots can be used to track project progress in real-time. The list of applications and websites accessed by your employees can also be reviewed and categorized as productive or unproductive.

Check out what are the advantages of employee productivity tracking software in your company.

desklog dashboard

Features :

  • Detailed productivity reports
  • Apps/URLs can be tracked
  • Tracking Time Offline
  • Idle Time Monitoring
  • Automatic screenshots on set time intervals
  • Tracking the titles of documents
  • Manage employee attendance
  • Manage your shift workers
Plan Price
Business $3.5/user/month
Enterprise $4.5/user/month

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DeskTime is an automatic time tracking software suited for both freelancers and teams. It has desktop and mobile apps for time tracking, attendance management, and effective workflow administration. Take command of your large, small, or freelance business and lead a high-performing team that consistently achieves its targets.

Check out what is the comparison between DeskTime vs Time Doctor

Time Doctor alternative DeskTime Dashbaord

Features :

  • Automated time tracking
  • Time monitoring for projects
  • Apps/URLs can be tracked
  • Accurate measuring of productivity
  • Tracking idle time
Plan Price
Lite Free
Pro $4.49/user/month
Premium $6.42/user/month
Enterprise $12.83/user/month

Clockify is a popular Time Doctor alternatives used by leading corporations all over the world. This software makes it easy to keep track of productivity, attendance, and billable hours. Data will be synced online across multiple devices and can be accessed via a web app, mobile app, or desktop app.

Time Doctor alternative Clockify dashboard

Features :

  • Use a stopwatch or manually track time
  • Create timesheets in a variety of ways
  • Create reports for a more in-depth analysis
  • Compatible with a variety of devices
  • Allows for more efficient team scheduling
Plan Price
Basic $3.99/user/month
Standard $5.49/user/month
Pro $7.99/user/month
Enterprise $11.99/user/month

Hubstaff is an all-in-one time tracking software that is a viable alternative for Time Doctor. With lightweight applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile, it delivers simple and exact time monitoring. Hubstaff boosts your team’s productivity and keeps them on track right away.

Features :

  • Reports on productivity measurement
  • Timesheets are available online
  • Levels of activity
  • desklog automated screenshotTake as many screenshots as you want
  • desklog app URL tracking featureApps and URLs can be tracked
Plan Price
Desk Free Free
Desk Starter $7/user/month
Desk Pro $10/user/month
Enterprise Custom

Performance analytics and productivity monitoring from ActivTrak provide detailed insights that empower employees, optimize resources, and boost productivity. It provides simple transparency and insight into how employees operate in the office or remotely. ActivTrak respects the privacy of employees with no questionable practices like keystroke logging, email monitoring, camera access, or video recording.

Features :

  • activity dashboardDashboard showing activities
  • reportsReports on application usage
  • reports on websiteReports on Website usage
  • classification Classification of sites & apps activity
  • activity notificationsActivity alarms and email notifications
Plan Price
Free Free
Advanced $9/user/month
Premium $15/user/month
Enterprise Custom

Insightful, previously known as Workpuls, enables teams to work better with actionable data insights. Processes such as Employee productivity monitoring, automatic time tracking, remote work management, and much more can be automated using Insightful. This is one of those Time Doctor alternatives that claims to have a positive impact on business processes, accurate clock-ins, and daily active work time.

insightful dashboard

Features :

  • desktop activity tracking featureComputer activity tracking
  • Periodic or rule-based screenshots
  • attendance tracking featureAutomatic attendance tracking
  • proof of workDefinitive proof of work
Plan Price
Employee Monitoring $6.40/user/month
Time Tracking $8/user/month
Automatic Time Mapping $12/user/month
Enterprise Custom

Timely entirely automates time tracking, allowing your employees to concentrate on their projects without interruption. Over 5000 companies around the world rely on the service. Without putting in any effort, you can acquire a detailed picture of your employees’ workweek. A project’s hours, budget, and activities can all be analyzed in real-time.

Timely dashoboard

Features :

  • automated time trackingTime tracking is done automatically
  • project managementEffective project management features
  • teamd progress trackingKeep track of your team’s progress
  • integrationsIntegrations with popular apps
  • policyStrict anti-surveillance policy
Plan Price
Starter $8/user/month
Premium $14/user/month
Unlimited $20/user/month
Unlimited+ Custom

Toggl is an effective time management tool for both teams and individuals. The platform claims to assist you in saving both time and money. This Time Doctor alternative gives you data-driven insights into how you spend your time at work. The automatic time tracking capability allows for comprehensive, enterprise-level reporting.

Time Doctor alternative Toggl dashboard

Features :

  • automated time trackingAutomated time tracking
  • reportingPowerful reporting
  • revenue trackingProject and revenue tracking
  • team managementTeam scheduling and management
Plan Price
Starter $9/user/month
Premium $18/user/month
Enterprise Custom pricing

TimeCamp is a time-tracking software with comprehensive features that can solve all of your project management concerns. You can easily track your team’s progress across multiple projects using the platform. All of the key details about all of your projects can be found in one place using TimeCamp

Time camp alternative

Features :

  • time tracking featureAutomated time tracking
  • performance featureManage team performance
  • productivity tracking featureEffective productivity tracking
  • detailed reports featureGet detailed reports
  • single click featureApprovals with a single click
  • invoicing featureEffortless invoicing
Plan Price
Basic $7/user/month
Pro $10/user/month
Enterprise Custom

Harvest unlocks the possibility of time tracking with minimum effort, better comfort, and bigger profits. The platform implements an easy-to-use time monitoring system that is automatic and lightweight. Managers can use visual reports to obtain insights and make data-driven decisions.


Features :

  • time trackingEffortless time tracking
  • appsApps for multiple devices
  • manage team performanceEasily manage team performance
  • toolsIntegrations with tools you use
Plan Price
Free $0/user/month
Pro $12/user/month

RescueTime is a popular time management application that tracks employee computer usage to determine how many hours they work. It can effortlessly keep track of computer activities, including visited websites, visited sites, and apps used. RescueTime can also be used to track phone calls, meetings, and breaks of workers during working hours.

rescuetime dashboard

Features :

  • websitesBlocks unauthorized websites
  • customizeCustomize activity categories activities
  • recordingRecording of computer activities
  • offline trackingTrack offline activities
Plan Price
Lite $0/user/month
Premium $6.50/user/month

HiveDesk is a cloud-based project management tool ideal for small and medium-sized organizations.Time tracking, activity tracking, task management, and screenshot storage are all important features of the product. HiveDesk allows users to work on remote projects effortlessly. Admins can set up automatic screenshots of each worker’s system and apply different access permissions to them.

hivedesk dashboard

Features :

  • time trackingEmployee time tracking
  • task managementTask management
  • URL trackedApps/URLs can be tracked
  • project monitoringProject tracking
  • timesheetAutomatic timesheets
Plan Price
5 users $25/month
10 users $50/month
20 users $100/month
50 users $250/month
100 users $500/month

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In Summary

Time Doctor has been a popular choice for time tracking software among companies for many years. But there are also many Time Doctor alternatives that provide the same features and services. Make sure to check out this list if you are looking for the best Time Doctor alternatives.

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