time doctor review

Time Doctor Review

July 19, 2022

Time Doctor is a time tracking, project management, and employee monitoring software that has been around for a while and has a huge number of users on its side. This blog shall give an elaborate Time Doctor review to summarise if this software is worth its popularity.

What is Time Doctor?

Time Doctor is a time-tracking software with a variety of tools for measuring and improving staff productivity, including productivity insights.In fact, it was launched in 2012 with multi-functional employee monitoring tools and features to track employee activities by the founders of staff.com.

Features of Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an employee monitoring and time tracking software that provides numerous features to its users which include :

Automatic Time Capture
Billable & Non-Billable Hours
Billing & Invoicing
Browsing History
Calendar Management
Employee Activity Monitoring
Employee Database
Employee Scheduling
Idle Time Monitoring
Keystroke Recording
Mobile Access
Mobile Time Tracking
Multiple Billing Rates
Offline Time Tracking

Pros of Time Doctor

1. Provides additional features for project management which helps in faster and quality delivery of projects. This can result in better strategy and budget forecast for future projects.

2. Moreover, its paid version gives access to all the features at $9.99 per user per month.

3. Also has features that facilitate to set up permanent tasks on the Time Doctor dashboard.

4. In fact, it has features to reduce employees using social media and other unproductive websites by showing a pop-up message which asks the employee to confirm whether he wants to watch a video or use a website.

5. Through Time Doctor it is possible to make configurations about which client or project an Admin can monitor.

6. In fact, this software can seamlessly integrate with numerous payment methods like Paypal, Payoneer, and Transferwise in real-time.

7. Provides ‘Poor Time Use’ reports that track the time spent on social media, news websites, sports websites, or any other sites that are deemed to be off-limits from the list of productive or work-related websites.

8. This software can configure its payroll feature based on fixed-rate methods or can set up maximum hourly rate limits and maximum rates per payroll period. This ensures that the company does not have to pay more than the employees deserve.

9. It allows cloud-based file sharing.

10. Helps with task management delegation, project analysis, expense reporting, budget forecasting, invoicing, payments, and tracking billable hours.

11. Besides, Time Doctor can provide projections for future staffing needs.

12. And also allows integration with Asana.

Cons of Time Doctor

1. Onlypaid plans include features for reporting and employee monitoring.

2. Onlypaid plans include features for reporting and employee monitoring.

3. In fact, only 14 days Free Trial is provided by installing the desktop app.

4. It also, demands to download a desktop app.

5. In fact, Closest competitors like Hubstaff have more features and Desklog has more features and the same quality software at a lesser cost.

6. This software has a webcam shot feature that takes snaps of remote workers at every 10-minute interval, which is one perspective that can be viewed as an extreme privacy intrusion on employees.

7.A white label feature is available for the console and URL to make it look more like the company’s website.

8. Time Doctor is now integrated with Google Calendar.

9. The software also offers a ‘Poor Time usage’ report that can be sometimes misleading. For example, when an employee is listening to songs on one screen and at the same time working productively on another screen – this report will show such time to be unproductive.

10. This software indeed do not have the ability to track multiple tasks simultaneously.

11. Customer reviews commenting about outdated User Interface.

12. Moreover, demands to have a Desktop app or Chrome extension for the Stopwatch feature to work.

13. And the administration Dashboard is accessible only through the web-based client.

Desklog Free Time Tracking Trial

Who Benefits from using Time Doctor?

  • Individuals or Teams lacking in productivity
  • Companies that have a remote or hybrid working culture
  • Enterprises with complex project management systems
  • Time Doctor Pricing

    • No Free Version
    • Pricing Model: Per User
    • Basic Plan : $7.00 /month
    • Standard Plan – $10 user/month
    • Premium Plan – $20user/month

    Competitor Pricing Comparison

    Workpuls Desklog Hubstaff OnTheClock.com Quickbooks Time
    $ 6.4 /Month $ 3.5 /Month $ 7 /Month $ 9 /Month $ 8/Month + $ 20 Base Fee/Month

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    If you’re at all concerned about how your employees are using their time at work, or want to make sure they are working on the right projects, this software is a great solution to track time spent on tasks and projects. TimeDoctor offers cloud-based time-tracking with an advanced reporting feature that provides an employee’s manager with a detailed report on how they are using their time at work. The software is easy to use and can be accessed on any web-enabled device, which means employees can track their time wherever they are. BUt Time Doctor has its share of drawbacks as mentioned above. Hope this Time Doctor review helped you in the best way.

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