Why Freelancers Need Time Tracking Software

Why Freelancers Need Time Tracking Software

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Are you working as a freelancer? Yes! definitely, it needs a lot more focus to manage your work since you would fix your own schedule to accomplish your project and there are high chances for many distractions. Proper time management is mandatory in order to meet the project deadline or else you would be running out of time. Especially if you are working as a freelancer, it is crucial to fix the project schedule and stick to the timeline. This is one of the main reasons why freelancers need time tracking software.

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To become a successful freelancer, you should know where you are spending your precious time and how you organize your work as per your deadline or how much time you spent on a particular task, etc. You could experience some initial resistance while sticking to the timeline. However, you can not deny the benefits of time tracking software for freelancers.

Would you like to explore the main reasons why freelancers need time tracking software? Here in this article, you could go through the benefits of using proper time tracking software by freelancers.

#1. Bill your clients appropriately

Before billing your clients, it is always better to analyze how much time you spent on the overall project as a freelancer of the project. A good time tracking software will serve the purpose by tracking how much you actually spent on certain tasks and this will also easily assist you to quote exactly for the upcoming projects.

Most of the time freelancers would look more to retain their clients or businesses by bearing the loss in their earnings. However, it would not be a better choice to do it frequently as it might end up earning a little more work. If you would like to charge per hour, it is necessary to make use of a proper time tracking software and provide a better insight into the actual time spent on work and get paid accurately.

#2. Enhances workflow and productivity

A freelancer would be surrounded by many distractions as they don’t have any specific workplace to start with their work and eventually they would face interrupted workflow and thus low productivity. There are many other distractions faced by the freelancer where you would not be noticing how much you spent most of the working time and it includes distractions like spending more time on emails, watching videos on Youtube or any other social media platforms, taking time to munch-on in between work or adding up extra minutes on lunchtime, etc. These distractions would lead to a massive pile-up of work at the end.

Time tracking software will assist the freelancers to know how time they productively spent on their work or on productive apps vs how much time they wasted on their daily routine or free time or private time. By analyzing these reports with the help of time tracking software will help to enhance your workflow and productivity.

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#3. A cost-effective solution for the freelancers

It is highly economical if you use an ideal time tracking software if you are freelancing a project. Whether it is for personal or commercial purposes, you can make use of affordable time tracking software ( or sometimes absolutely free software) available in the market.

The amount you invest in implementing time tracking software for monitoring freelance projects would result in high income as you work more productively or log more hours productively on your work with the help of time tracking software. It is important to note that you should use the time tracking software regularly to achieve a high income or gain the benefits.

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#4. Plan different projects and know your work limitations

Almost all the freelancers assume that they can earn more if they work on multiple projects at a time. However, sometimes you may fail to plan the projects effectively and would miss out to analyze how much time they need to spend on each project. This may burn out the freelancers with overloaded work at the end.

Though you are able to deliver your project work on time, you may end up with a lack of quality in your work. With time tracking software, you can manage multiple projects without impacting your work quality and reputation.

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#5. Send out invoices and get paid effectively

After completing each milestone involved in the project, you could generate the required reports that can be sent as proof of your work to your clients. This enhances the transparency in your work and gradually builds trust in your work quality to maintain a strong relationship with your clients. It eventually helps you to get paid accurately and moreover on time without any hindrance for generating invoices during each milestone of the project.


Finally, tracking the time of your freelance projects helps you to enhance your overall business revenue. It also depicts you as a reliable resource for your clients. You can efficiently manage your time with an ideal time tracking software and spend your quality time building your business and relationship with clients.

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